Blue introduces new weightless headphone Lola


Blue, well-known for its high-end microphone, has now come back with its second pair of headphone Lola after its last year’s hit Mo-Fi.


The new Lola headphones which is very much similar to its Mo-Fi, has cut down on its weight and rate. It is also considered to offer a better comfortable fit. Blue claims that the Lola headphones will still offer premium sound quality of the Mo-Fi as it uses the same customer 50mm drivers as the older model. However, Mo-Fi has an in-built amp which is not available in Lola as a matter to lighten the weight for longer periods of wear. Apart from the amp, the tension adjustment mechanism and battery have also been removed from the new models. With these the weight has been brought down from 16.44oz to 14 oz.

The Lola headphones come supplied with a soft travel case, a 1.5m cable with inline remote and a 3 m remote-free audio cable. They would be available in blak and white variants and is expected to hit the market early next month priced at $249.99.