How to Block Adult Websites from Kids


If your child is spending fair time with computer and surfing internet, their might be a chance to open the Adult websites which they should not do. This post gives you the clear information about how to block Adult websites from kids. Simply follow the below steps to do.

Steps to be follow

  • Initial on any computer if you are using windows 8 then go to family safety website and then sign in with your account .
  • Under name of the child you need to web filter by click edit settings.
  • In the edit setting turn on web filtering and select the level of filtering you wants to filter. The range of level is restrictive at the top and permissive at the bottom.
  • There you need to select the option as your requirements, The options as below:
  • Select Allow list only: which means the browser will access through only the website mention in the list.
  • Select Child-friendly: This setting allows are the websites expect Social media and Adult Websites.
  • Select General Interest : This allows access to the websites present in the Allow list and Child-friendly list and General Categories.
  • ┬áSelect online communication (Basic) : This settings blocks all the Adult contents and works similar to the child-friendly.
  • Select warn on adult to allow access to all websites, but with a warning before allowing suspected adult websites. Sites on the Block list will remain blocked.
  • That’s it you are done with the Blocking.

For more information regarding How to block the Adult websites click the link which is provided in that you will get all the information how to block the websites in different browsers.