BlackBerry revealed its Voice Assistant


The Canadian phone manufacturer BlackBerry has confirmed that its voice assistant will come soon, to take a tough competition to Apple Siri, Google Now and Microsoft Cortona. The company revealed that the new voice-based virtual assistant will debut first on the BlackBerry Passport smartphone, which is near  to its release and will be a part of the upcoming BlackBerry 10.3 OS.

The blog post revealed the BlackBerry Assistant interface, which shows a microphone in a circle, very reminiscent to Google Now, which a user can press and start giving voice commands. The assistant can respond to conversational spoken requests or commands, as noted by the blog post.


In the Official Blog Blackberry mentioned that “BlackBerry Assistant is voice activated when I need it to be, and helps manage simple tasks on my device from searching my email and calendar, finding out what’s trending on Twitter, to sending trivia night invitations. The more I use it, the more it learns and adapts to me. The more I speak with it, the more tuned-in to my queries it gets. If you’ve had experience with other smartphone-based personal assistants, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how accurate BlackBerry Assistant is at recognizing your requests”.

The Canadian handset maker also hinted in its blog post that the BlackBerry Assistant will get better with time as a user spends more time with it, a learning process that Microsoft’s Cortana also touts. But the company does not reveal, that when the Blackberry 10.3 OS will available to the blackberry user’s.

This Voice assistant service will be available on Blackberry passport which has 4.5 inch HD display and offered 453 ppi pixel density. The Phone is square in shape with awesome designs