BlackBerry aims to revive its fallen market with high-secured SecuTablet


After Blackberry tablet lost itself to Apple and Samsung, it has been working on various strategies to gain its position in the global mobile-device market. Very recently, it has positioned its new tablet Blackberry SecuTablet for Government and high security users.


The SecuTablet is modeled and made for the particular sector in the market who works on confidential and secured data subjected to special security requirements. However, the tab allows personal app too to be used. The technology components for the SecuTablet has been sourced from Blackberry, Samsung, IBM and Secusmart, a German encryption company acquired by Blackberry last year.

The secure tablet which was launched at CeBIT 2015 computer conference in Dusseldorf, is a hybrid of technologies. It makes use of the Samsung’s Knox secure boot technology from Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 tablet to ensure the security of the operating system. MicroSD of the tab is Secusmart’s which is encrypted to secure data in motion and rest. The secure app wrapping technology that helps in implementing the Secusmart cryptographic chips has been provided by IBM.

During the launch, the tablet being the only mobile device management vendor that has gained the status of “fully operational capability level of certification for operating on Department of Defense networks,” BlackBerry boosted its credibility in public sector. The secure tab is now going through the certification process at German Federal Office of Information Security for the German classified security rating.

Stefan Hefter, senior management consultant with IBM stated, the tablet works to bridge the gap of supply and opens up an opportunity for government and administration to benefit better from the digitization and the mobile internet with the help of system integration. It would help agencies decide the apps to be run on tablet and whether the app has to be wrapped. It is the process of wrapping that ensures the data is secure when in rest or in use, said Hefter at IDG News Service. Using of personal apps like Twitter, Facebook and Google will not bother the secure data in the same device.

This high security device is priced at $2,380 for its obvious that such high security featured device cannot come cheap. The rate includes Secusmart MicroSD encryption card, app-wrapping and management software and one year free maintenance, Hefter said.

After trying out various strategy, BlackBerry seems to be getting right with this business strategy – the feature that is most appealing to business and government customers. The timing of this tab’s launch is just perfect, as hacking attacks are currently on rise. This gives the SecuTablet good chances to succeed in the market. However, at the current era smart phones are getting bigger and supplements other personal devices, which may turn the tablets obsolete.