Black Friday: Where To Get The Best Deals Online

By | November 27, 2014
Black Friday

Black Friday is almost upon us, and we have rounded up the best 5 places to get your stuff from online. The prices have been slashed, the discounts are massive. Go on, shop to your heart’s content!

  • Amazon

Best suited for: Consumers who want a one-stop sales destination, and those who don’t mind the stress of the “Lightning Deals.”

amazon black friday

Few stores have come close to touching Amazon’s grip on the holiday shopping season. Amazon is going to be unrelenting in matching and undercutting prices at Walmart and Best Buy throughout Black Friday as well as the holiday season. However, a lot of these deals will sell out quickly.

Hottest Deals: Amazon’s greatest offering last year was a $200 Amazon gift card with the purchase of select Ultrabooks. 2014 shoppers would be best advised to look for gift card bundles on electronics, as well as super cheap movie deal.

  • Newwgg

Best suited for: Tech lovers and shoppers who can’t capitalize on the Amazon flash deals.

newegg black friday

Although it’s common knowledge that Amazon will still upstage Newegg when it comes down to numbers, shoppers are more likely to actually get their hands on the finer deals from Newegg since Amazon’s deals will go out of stock very quickly — some even too swiftly for our eager early-risers.

Hottest Deals: Shoppers might actually be able to make money at Newegg through a rebate; last year, for example, lucky shoppers scored a 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive with security software for a $7 profit. The store is also fantastic for all sorts of electronics, as it offered a Samsung 40″ 1080p HDTVfor $10 less than the manufacturers own Black Friday sale.

  • Best Buy

Best suited for: Shoppers who prefer to to prepare themselves well in advance with ads containing buzz-worthy doorbusters.

best buy black friday

Hottest Deals: Best Buy frequently has some notable rumored doorbusters in its Black Friday ad. Last year was no different; a brand new Kindle Fire HD 16GB tablet was flying off the virtual shelves at the same price as a refurb, hitting an all-time low. Look to the store for a selection of name-brand, large-scale HDTV deals, as well as super cheap laptops. In 2013 Best Buy offered the cheapest Haswell-equipped 17″ laptop ever.

  • Walmart

Best suited for: Shoppers who want a store that offers the best deals during Black Friday week, rather than Cyber Monday.

walmart black friday

The national department store listed substantially more impressive deals during the Black Friday week period when compared to the following week’s treats.

Hottest Deals: It is expected that Walmart will once again offer an attractive selection of discounted Blu-ray movies and boxsets this Black Friday (last year the store dropped contemporary and classic titles to just $4, beating Amazon’s $5 sale). The store also offered a surprising favorite at the end of Cyber Monday in 2013, knocking the Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge Kit to half price via an in-store coupon, so shoppers should also consider the retailer for toy deals.

  • TigerDirect

Best suited for: Shoppers who want a great TV deal.

tigerdirect black friday

Hottest Deals: For one day only, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 dropped to almost half the price of any other store, sending the shoppers into a frenzy. A selection of HDTVs, which hit all-time price lows after mail-in rebates, also won the hearts of the public. That list included the cheapest new 40″ 1080p LED LCD HDTV we’d seen to date.

So there you have, your top 5 destinations for online shopping this Black Friday. Happy holidays!