Bizosys Technologies – Makes it High



Bizosys Technologies – makes its high into Big Data Startup league among software companies. They have been ranked one of the fastest growing IT startups from India. Another feather in their cap, Bizosys has been recognised by leading Indian IT trade body NASSCOM as one among top 10 IT product companies from India.

The company caters to Pharmaceutical, Telecom and e-Commerce sectors of the industries. Primary focus of Bizosys Technologies is small and medium sized industries.

Bizosys Technologies has developed big data solution called HSearch, real time search and analytical engine on Hadoop. HSearch works with text content as well as database records. The search engine is efficient in indexing algorithm to process the data parallel across machines. HSearch is available as an open source tool, however Bizosys offers paid version which includes support and management features.


HSearch has been downloaded more than 4,000 times in different continents. The company has developed the architecture which is highly scalable and provides elasticity in sync with application usage growth. Bizosys Technology has filed a patent application in US for HSearch which is in process.

The company has developed another product called Dataswft. The product enables sub second interactive queries on large scale machine data stored in various locations such as In-memory, SSD, HDD and Objectstores. Dataswft is termed as a machine data lake, centralised reservoir where collation of data readings from sensors, wearables, clickstreams, and server logs etc. These data may be historical or current in the system.

Dataswft is developer friendly product and can be readily integrates that can boost performance manifold. The product deals with non repeating sensor readings and sensor black spaces. Supports keyword searches along with text description also. The product supports other big data products too.


Bizosys offers consulting service to identify bottlenecks in an organization and advice remedial measures to clear them. They have developed configurable framework capable of aggregating semi structured and unstructured data from existing systems, which becomes searchable within the application.

The Bengaluru based Bizosys was founded in 2009 by 3 ex Infosys staff Sunil Guttula, Abinasha Karana & Sridhar Dhulipala. Before starting Bizosys, Sunil Guttula had worked with Infosys as a Senior Technical Architect from 1995 to 2004. He worked as Vice President – Technology, Goldman Sachs. Later he founded and became Chief Technology Officer in Drapsa Technologies till 2009. Born in 1973, he is an ex alumni of Indian Institute of Kharagpur (IIT). He is the Chief Executive Officer of Bizosys Technologies.

Abinasha Karana is ex NIT, Rourkela had worked with tech major Infosys Technologies as Senior Technical Architect has several patents under his name. Along with Sunil Guttula, he co-founded Drapsa Technologies, a retail supply solutions company. He conceptualised, built and designed HSearch of Bizosys Technologies. He joined as Chief Technology Officer in 2010.


Sridhar Dhulipala works as Chief Marketing Officer handles Product Management of the company. He is a graduate from Osmania University, Hyderabad has rich professional experience. Sridhar was looking after UX designing in Infosys, helped the company to setup UX Design Practice where he integrated design methods into software engineering. Before joining Infosys, he worked at BPL, a leading consumer durable company managing and implementing brand identity for the company.

Bizosys Technologies has adopted several steps to grow. The company plans to introduce a comprehensive commercial Enterprise edition, where HSearch will be at core and can be run on premise, on hybrid or on cloud. With this approach, the big data can be adopted in an organisation without much knowledge of NoSQL technologies.

The company has several clients like Pointcross, a cross industry solution provider to bio pharma R & D companies. Some are esteemed clients are Honeywell, ARC Document Solutions, Interakt and Pervazive.

Big Data. Information Concept.

Sharing his thoughts on big opportunities in Indian market, Sunil Guttula says “Companies are adopting cloud as a medium to acquire IT infrastructure such as servers, storage, network etc., and mobility is a priority for Indian companies. Big Data technologies could follow from here as a natural step, given that a lot of Big Data is about processing unstructured data and public sources as much as internal IT systems. India based enterprise enquiries that we are witnessing today are at the level of exploration and learning and are less of mainstream projects. Based on our engagements, we find that there is a lot of activity within captive centers of companies headquartered abroad, especially financial firms, which are internal big data initiatives. At this point, Bizosys sees more opportunities abroad than in India.” He further asserts that “there is a huge potential for India specific big data solutions. India is a land of billion plus people, and as demonstrated by the Aadhar project, there is a big data challenge. Our government is dealing with vast archived data for improving planning, be it water resources or land usage and weather modelling. Thus, there are tremendous potential India specific solutions around big data that deserve their own unique approaches and innovative solutions”.

The company based out of Bengaluru has a small team of 12 members who are experienced on various big data technologies including Hadoop, Python, Java and front end Flex and HTML. Bizosys management are speakers in various forums of big data events such as HasGeek Fifth Elephant series, Microsoft Teched 2012, Hadoop India Summit and Nasscom’s NPC2012. The company has been granted a patent in US and another 2 patents are in waiting.

Bizosys Technologies has not been funded by any venture capitals or no seed funding been received. The company showcased in Techcircle Big Data Forum 2014.