BitTorrent Sync Android app received update with link sharing


Bit Torrent sync allows you sync and share the unlimited files and folders across all your devices. Sync and share any type of files such as photos, videos, PDFs, Word docs and more whether they may be big or small. Today this Bit Torrent’s Android client has got a major update with the new User Interface and it has got the ability to share the files through the HTTPs link, QR code or email. The latest version has brought the UI improvements and some back end improvements also.


Sync lets you to have the files automatically copied across the multiple destinations, including Android smartphones, Tablets and PC. This can be done directly through the prominent peer-to-peer file sharing protocol, which avoids the need for any kind of subscription or cloud service in order to store the files on other destinations.


  • Access to all your files and folders from your Smartphone.
  • Add any type of files such as photos, videos, docs or PDFs from your Android device to any of your synced folders.
  • Ability to auto backup your files to the folder on your PC.
  • Files transfer is very secured as they were encrypted and protected by the secure keys.
  • Your information is never stored on the server in the cloud, so not to bother of copyright of your files.

Bit Torrent recommends that, to get the best performance and avoid the running up of your data charges “use mobile data” setting off on your Android device. Sync is the personal file sharing syncing application,where as it is not compatible with the other torrent file sharing applications and it is similar to Dropbox and Box.

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