Bipedal Humanoid Robot ATLAS sent into the wood


Boston Dynamics, a robotic company currently owned by Google has sent its humanoid robot into the wild for the first time. Boston Dynamics is a robotic company based in Waltham, Mass and has sent its latest model of ATLAS into the wood. This new model of ATLAS comes with strong legs, which can travel on any ground, thanks to its limbs, for it can also lift heavy objects.


This ATLAS humanoid bipedal robot comes with two stereo cameras, which will act as eyes for the pilot of the robot. Till now we have seen many footage of the testing of this two-legged humanoid robot in the lab, but this new video shows its testing in the open space. Mark Raibert, founder of Boston Dynamics said in the video, “’Out in the world’ is just a totally different challenge than in the lab, you can’t predict what it’s going to be like.”

This latest model of ATLAS can be seen running in the woods on its own. It is connected to a large power cord to fulfill its power requirement, as powering this giant 300 pounds humanoid robot is pretty tough. Engineers at Boston Dynamics will try to take the power cord off in the near future. If you want to check the Bipedal humanoid robot, then you can click here to check the video.