Bio Inc for Android : Medical strategy simulator


Bio Inc is the biomedical strategy simulator developed by game developer DryGin studios which allow you to determine the ultimate fate of the victim by developing the most fatal illness possible. Today DryGin studios released the Android version of the fairly controversial, iOS medical strategy simulator app Bio Inc, where the main objective is to kill the  patient by creating the fatal diseases before other doctors can save the patient.


Here is the quick overview of the how the Bio Inc game is like

  • Upgrade your diseases, boost the risk factors and slow down the victims recovery before the team of highly motivated factors find the cure and save him.
  • Hours and hours of the gameplay.
  • 12 different stages with different gameplays.
  • Spread diseases across all the human systems.
  • 100+ real biomedical conditions.
  • Real time human body degradation
  • Three difficulty settings and awesome graphics
  • Thousands of different ways to play the game

The game is quite interesting, the theme of the game is you are everything medically wrong and you need to kill the patient by any means. To achieve this you need to collect the “bio points”, which the game labels as the viruses and bacteria, but you need to collect them. You can unlock more powerful conditions and diseases using more bio points, or disrupt your patient with the risk factors like hereditary weaknesses, overeating or just the plain bad luck.

You have to keep attacking the patients with the variety of fronts, even with the total nervous system failure and heart attack, those annoying doctors and nurses kept the patient alive. Bio Inc, is free to download and doesn’t support any IAPs.

Download Bio Inc for Android