Bing Maps Now Offers Over 100 cities 3D Maps With Streetside Imagery


The Microsoft Bing Maps has recently updated their Streetside and 3D city database of Maps. And  now  you will  find over 100 new cities with new Streetside images  with 3D  maps support are available in the Bing Maps. The  Bing Maps app or the Bing Maps Preview app on Windows 8.1 to see the new Streetside imagery. And it is offered 0ver 100 cities now offer close-up views so you’ll never be lost when travelling.


You will find in the Windows 8.1 Operating System the  Bing Maps Preview app are available, which shows  there are more than 125 highly detailed 3D cities are available are now, after this Bing Map Update. You can  also use the app on a device like your Surface Pro 3 to explore destinations like The Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida or the Las Vegas Strip. And for the globe, you can also now look forward to refreshed aerial imagery. Over 150 countries now offer new high-resolution imagery that came from either a drone or satellite.

If you want to know more details about this Bing Maps then  you directly go to the Bing blog  for a full list of all the cities that have new 3D and Streetside support.