BetterPlace raises $1 Million from Unitus Seed Fund


BetterPlace, Indian digital background verification startup has raised $1 Million from Unitus Seed Fund. The funding will be used to build a better analytical solution around the data and to expand across the country.

BetterPlace, Bangalore based startup was started by Pravin Agarwala (Former Global Head SAP) along with Uday Singh (CEO of SIS) in 2015. It provides services such background verification for the new recruitments with a focus on the recruitments in delivery and hyperlocal space.

Other services offered by the startup include verifying the credentials of new tenants and domestic helps. BetterPlace is also eying to help big companies and households in connecting with the potential candidate, be it an MBA executive or a household maid.

Speaking on the development, Pravin Agarwala stated that the major target area for the startup is the delivery and hyperlocal space, however, he did not rule out the possibility of his startup venturing into other similar services in the time to come.

It is an on-demand service where the recruiter or landlord gets in touch with the executive. The team then does a detailed background check on the candidate based on his online and offline information. It includes Aadhar information, traditional background check in the last organisation, social media accounts etc. The information is stored on the platform which is then accessible to the recruiter.