Best word processing apps for Mac OS


There are plenty of word processing apps available for Mac and many of them aim to serve a special niche. There are so many apps that are helpful for the specific function. For example, if you are preparing a research paper or an report of your project, there is an app that helps your job get done. Here we are providing the list of word processing apps for Mac along with the features, which makes your life easier.

1. iA Writer

iawriter   iA Writer features a minimalist design that prioritize the clean, focused and practically ideal writing experience. It can convert the Markdown files to Microsoft Word.docx and back again. It features the special trick Focus Mode, which dims everything but highlights only the last three lines that you have been working with. It also supports Markdown formatting, which you can preview any files in a separate window at any time.


  • Full screen and focus mode.
  • Auto Markdown, plus word and character count and reading time.
  • Custom typeface supports optimal readability.
  • Supports real time iCloud sync with folder support.
  • It is easy to find the blue cursor.
  • Retina Display, HTML preview.
  • Convert Markdown to Microsoft Word 2007 and vice versa.

Download iA Writer form here.

2. Byword


Byword is fast, lightweight and beautiful looking word processing app for Mac OS and it is similar to iA Writer. Light color scheme is best for writing, but dark theme is good for night time writing sessions. It makes the writing more enjoyable and fun with the markdown feature. The premium version features publish to Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress and Evernote. To get the premium version it requires just one time in-app purchase.


  • Its design makes the writing more enjoyable using Markdown.
  • Ability to sync the text documents across your iPad, iPhone and Mac devices.
  • Alternate dark theme which provides the extra comfort in low-light situations.
  • Comprehensive keyboard shortcuts provides more efficiency.
  • Complete markdown supports including the tables, footnotes and cross-references.
  • Create the PDF and HTML documents.

Download Byword from here.



Scrivener is the powerful word processing tool with many advanced features designed for composing long and difficult documents. Compose your text in any order as large or small and view your draft components individually or as whole. Ability to import and refer the research files such as PDF files and images alongside your writing.

The app’s outliner tools and corkboard are completely integrated with the text and you can overview your draft with a single click.


  • Templates available for Scripts, novels, APA and MLA essays and more and you can create your own.
  • Import the files such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt, .fdx and more.
  • Interactive tutorial project.
  • You can break up the  imported files as per your requirement using the “Import and split features” or “Split at selection”.
  • Math type support, Auto save, Auto backup, word and character counts, Markup the text with the comments.

Download Scrivener.

4. Simplenote


Simplenote, the name itself suggests that it is very simple to use and it is an easy way to keep the ideas, notes, lists and more with Simplenote. All your notes will sync with all your devices for free. It is very fast and efficient, open it write something and if the notes collection grows then search for them instantly and organize them with tags and pins.


  • Simple to use, fast and efficient.
  • Sync your notes on all your devices for free.
  • If the notes collection increases, you can search for them instantly.
  • Organize your notes with tags and pins for future use.
  • Publish and share your notes with other people.
  • Your notes can be backed up online and can be synchronized automatically.

Download Simplenote from here.



Pages app features beautiful  new design, improved performance and new writing tools. By default an Apple designed will be there or you can create your own design using the tools, styles and fonts from the featured intelligent format panel. You can easily add the images, charts, videos and more. Use the comments, highlights to review your work.

you can sync all your text files with iCloud. Powerful writing tools are present at your finger tips, so you can create the beautiful and media rich documents in less time.


  • Create the documents quickly and choose from the 60 Apple designed templates to create the CV’s, reports and posters.
  • Quickly access the shapes, tables, charts and media with the simplified tool bar.
  • Create the beautiful documents with the tools, fonts at your fingertips.
  • Advanced writing tools makes it easier to create the documents.
  • Sync your files on all your devices with iCloud.
  • Share your work via Mail, messages, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Using AirDrop you can send documents to nearby users.

Download Pages from here.

6. Evernote


Evernote helps to remember everything that happens in our lives. It is useful to take the notes, create the to-do lists, save the important web pages, attach the PDF’s and image files and shopping lists and more. It can instantly synchronize from your Mac to the Smartphone, Web and the tablet. So now access those files from anywhere at any time.


  • Create the text files, PDF notes and the web clips.
  • Sync all your notes on all the computers and smart devices you use.
  • Search for anything in the printed and handwritten text in the image files.
  • Share your files and notebooks with your friends and colleagues.
  • Save the important webpage to view offline.

For the ultimate evernote experience install it on all your computers, tablets and smartphones. Evernote is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac and Web.

Download Evernote for Mac from here.

These are the best Word processing apps available for Mac OS. There are so many other apps also there for the same purpose, but these are enough for all the types of works you do.