Best websites to learn JavaScript and J Query online

By | June 16, 2014

Initially I am discussing about JavaScript,  JavaScript is a Prototype based scripting language with dynamic tying which has First Class Functions influenced by language C. Java Script copies many names and naming from the Java, but this two languages are unrelated and have different semantics. The key design principles of this language within the JavaScript is taken from the self and scheme languages. This is multiparadigm language which includes object oriented, imperative and Functional programming styles.

J Query is a Cross platform Java Script library which is designed to simply the Client side Scripting of HTML. This language was released in the year 2006. This language is the most popular JavaScript Library till today. J Query is Free Open source Software licensed under MIT license. The syntax in this language is designed to make it easy to navigate the document. J Query is also provides the capabilities for the developers to create the plug ins on top of the JavaScript Library.

This article gives you the best websites to learn JavaScript and J Query. Many of you many have the doubt regarding what is the difference between JavaScript and J Query?Answer is J Query is a library written in JavaScript, to make coding easier. My favorite part is their naming function like  toggle, Show, Hide, slide Toggle, Insert After. For the best websites for learn JavaScript and J Query online are as mentioned below.


The w3schools is website one of the best website for the beginners  to learn JavaScript and J Query, In this website even you find many number of languages to learn on which includes HTML, CSS, My SQL and many more. The main advantage of this website is Quality of the tutorial and also you can practice parallel along with the examples. Even you can do the online Certification regarding the course you are doing. Leaning the tutorial is free of cost, But for the certification you need to pay. But one disadvantage of this website is no video lectures. To visit this website Click Here

Timothy Training

Timothy Training is also a good website to learn both  Java Script and J Query, Actually this website is maintained by a person suppose if  you are interested to take online training he will give you online training at your location.  Classes are currently offered in Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web and HTML and CSS and other topics of interest to Web Designers. Feel free to contact the person for scheduling information or other questions at To visit this website click here.


The website learn.shaynowe is used to learn advance HTML/CSS includes J Query and also Java Script, The Tutorial in this website covers a variety of web design and development topics, ranging from beginner to advanced skill levels. In this tutorial is well divided into lessons which helps you to learn step by step process. If you are interested to learn the JavaScript and J Query Click Here to the Website.

Stack Over Flow

Stack Over Flow is Question and Answers used for professional and enthusiast programmers. It’s 100% free, no registration required. For the beginners this site is not at all useful. Suppose if you have some knowledge on the language and you wants to remember the topic which you have studied before. For these type of people this website perfectly suitable to regain the knowledge. Click here to go website.

Learn JavaScript

The tutorial in this website is composed with following lessons and is based on webucator’s self paced course which includes the presentation, exercise and quizzes. The contents in the tutorials includes Java Script Basics, Variables, arrays, functions, Built in java script objects, Conditionals and loops, JavaScript From validation, Images, Windows and timers, Navigation History and Location Objects. The website deals with only JavaScript Click Here to Visit this website.

Learn.J Query

The website learn.J Query deals with only J query tutorials, There are lot of websites to learn how to build up websites, Applications with J Query. If you are looking of the explanations of the Basics, workaround for the common problems and for best practice this is the right place to learn J query. Click Here to visit the website.

These is the website to learn over 70,000 courses from 300 plus provides. In these many courses J query and JavaScript also included. To learn the course in this website you have to register initially with an unique User Name and Password.In this you can do the online course as well you can you it as a learning hub.Click Here to go website.

This website J query king the tutorials are categorized into different sectios namely basics, intermediate and CSS3 and also helps you find the tutorials that suit your level of skill. Visit this website for better understanding Click Here to go this website.

Learning J Query

Actually this learning J Query is a multi authored J Query Blog  which offer tutorials for users of every skill level and hence it seems to be a great place to get a nice start. Especially the content in the blog are very good and easy for understanding for the beginners and freshers. Click the link to visit this website.

Codecademy is a best alternative to W3schools, with Codecademy you can learn any language and start programming in a funny way.No skill required to learn any because the quality of the tutorial in this website good. In this website you will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, J Query, Ruby and Python etc. To visit this website Click Here.

Code school

This is also a website similar to the, this site is specially for the beginners and the freshers to learn any language and start programming. The quality of the tutorials are very good. Click Here to visit this website.


Many developers and programmers have taken their knowledge, For the beginners this site is not much useful. The candidates who are in the intermediate level for them this will be very much useful. The one thing makes you bit boring is interfacing. Click Here to visit the website.