Best websites to check Plagiarism


Plagiarism is the stealing and copying other publications and representing them as their original work. Today most of the webmasters are facing the problem of Plagiarism means the content of their website and blog are copied by others and posting it as the original work in their blogs. So, the original authors suffer a lot because their websites will loose the rankings.

There are so many websites that detect the plagiarism and if you report a DCMA complaint to Goggle, it will penalize those websites or block them. Among the so many websites I have rounded up the best 10 websites to check plagiarism. This article may definitely help you to detect the plagiarism of your website.

1. Turnitin


Turnitin is the popular plagiarism prevention service owned by iParadigms, LLC. It is designed by four UC Berkeley students to use for their classes. Mostly the universities and the high schools buy the Turnitin licences to submit the essays to the website, to prevent the copy of the original content. Eventually, this website has became one of the most recognizable names in plagiarism detection.

In 2011 it has checked over 60 million academic papers for the plagiarism detection and it is accessible for a free per educator. Students can use their WriteCheck service which is used to maintain the proper citations and are accessible to various writing tools.

2. iThenticate


It is another plagiarism detection website especially for the corporate market and it is also from iParadigms, LLC. This service is geared more towards the scholarly research and professional writing. It is launched in 2004 and is headquartered in Oakland, California. Major publishers and institutions like Oxford press are using this iThenticate as the cross check software. It’s database includes more than 31 million articles and 67,600 books and journals.

3. Plagiarism Detect


It is the another service created for the plagiarism detection and it works on the SMART multi-layer technology and search algorithm. It is the vital tool for anyone to check the originality and has the features like the detection process is very fast and takes less than 15 seconds to display the results and it is very simple and easy to use. It is a paid and charges $0.50 per page and takes 5-7 minutes per page for the thorough examination.

4. Viper


Viper is known as the free alternative to the popular plagiarism checker “Turnitin”. It is the easy to use downloadable scanner less than 1 MB and offer free services to both teachers and students. It can scan the huge database of the academic essays and other online content and offers the comparing the plagiarism side-by-side.

Viper is available only for the Windows users and the Mac and other OS cannot use this. Download Viper from here.



It helps to detect and avoid the plagiarism and is considered as the best tool for the teachers, students, scholarly and professional writers. It is very easy to use, fast and takes less time to scan your documents. It features the search box where you can scan your documents and also the downloadable software available only for Windows. It also allows the users to search for the entire URL’s and HTML, PDF, DOC, ODT, TXT and DOCX files.

6. Plagiarism CheckerĀ 


It makes simple for the teacher, students, professional authors and the scholars to scan for the copied articles and content by copying and pasting those phrases from the original paper in the search box. It is very simple, easy and quicker to use. It’s system can search for the copied content through the Google or Yahoo.



It is considered as the cheapest plagiarism service developed by the dedicated professionals to combat both the offline and online plagiarism. It claims its average licensing between 35% and 70% and is lower compared to its competitors. It features the basic account which costs $20 and it focuses on high school students and allows to scan five documents.