Best Website optimization tools : Review

By | July 9, 2014

Website optimization is nothing but the increase the speed of the web pages in which the web pages are displayed and downloaded on the client’s web browser. Although the attempts to improve the download and display speeds has been existed since the introduction of the World Wide Web. As the average internet speed is increasing globally, the webmasters and website administrators need to consider the time take for the website to load for the visitor.

Faster websites will increase the visitor retention, user sanctification and loyalty, especially for the users those who are on slow internet connection. Here I am listing some best website optimization tools.

1. Unbounce


Unbounce is developed after experiencing the frustration of trying to get the effective landing pages for their own marketing campaigns. Unbounce is generally used for landing the pages on the website with the easy integration of both Salesforce and Zoho CRM. In Unbounce each landing page is considered as a separate file and it allows to export the data if the CRM integration is failed and it would be nice to be able to change the format of many landing pages.

Pros : 

  • It is very easy to build the landing pages, you can also copy the HTML code directly from your website and the landing pages looks same as others.
  • It is easy to integrate both the Salesforce and Zoho CRM and it has the ability to export the visitor information even if the CRm integration fails.


  • Here every landing page is a separate file. But, it would be nice to be able to change the format of the landing pages at once and useful when renewing the website. So when you have to 20-30 landing pages then they must be reformatted individually.

2. Optimizely


It is the another popular website optimization tool which offers the A/B and multivariate testing. It is very easy to use and the users without the technical knowledge can make the dynamic changes to the websites and can the test the variations of the live traffic and collect the immediate results. It  got reputation as a light-weight introductory tool because of its simplicity and usability.

Pros : 

  • It offers a simple way to run with AB and MVT testing on your webs pages and the user without having technical knowledge and can also make the dynamic changes to the websites.
  • Very competitively priced and allows the create the custom user segments which can be reused across the experiments.

Cons : 

  • It has an inability to consume the more advanced or the custom data sources such as CRM data and flat integration with the Google Analytics.

3. Monetate


Campaign building is simple with Monetate and it is very easy to create the customized actions. It is very easy to use and the users can start from the scratch and design a campaign with in few minutes. Monetate can be used in different ways to from simple landing page testing for marketing the channels online and to advertise the apps.


  • Ability to create the customized actions for everything which you need using the action builder.
  • Monetate makes easier to use the campaign building.
  • Make use of the various targeting possibilities to display the customers personalized content.


  • Monetate is still using the outdated features to analyse the campaigns and we can hope that the new tools offers the use data easily.
  • One side of the coin it is easy to use the monetary campaign building but it would have been much easier to see the targeting possibilities which the users can really use.

4. Visual Website Optimizer


It is an A/B testing tool which allows the marketing professionals to construct the different versions of their websites and the landing pages. Users no need to be expert in HTML and just using the point and click editor he can create the landing pages. It features a multivariate testing software which has the number of additional tools like heatmaps, behavioral targeting, usability testing and more.


  • A/B and multivariate testing.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Geo Behavioral targeting.
  • Integrated clickmaps and healthmaps.
  • Visual Editor.
  • Advanced jQuery based UI.
  • Enterprise level security.
  • Testing mobile and tablet websites.

 5. Adobe test and target

adobe_test _target

It is an A/B testing tool and multivariate testing platform which the Adobe acquired as the part of the Omniture platform. It is now integrated with the Adobe target solution and is now the part of the Adobe marketing cloud. It provides the tight integration with the Adobe Anlaytics and content management products.


  • A/B and multivariate testing.
  • Market driven targeting.
  • Mobile app optimization.
  • Automated personalization and behavioral targeting.
  • Analytics enhanced reporting.




Author: Peter Jacksonn

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