Best way to extend battery life on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

By | July 4, 2014
Windows Phone

Windows Phone

There is no doubt after getting any phone we first check battery life, however we love our smartphones. If you are a heavy smartphone user, you want to find some ways to be able to use the phone as long as you can charge, mostly all the smartphones provides one day backup in normal use. Only for that reason I have posted some valuable tips to extend your Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 battery life, I am not telling to use all the tips to extend your battery life but according to time you can use, also some tips you can throughout a day to improve your battery.

Best way to extend battery life on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

1. Use Battery Saver mode:


There is a nice feature in your Windows phone to automatically save power when the battery level is low. Go to settings > battery saver, and turn it on. As you On this features, it disables some services that preserves battery for long. In power saver mode, you will receive texts and calls but for mail you have to check manually.

Also you can enable a option called automatic turn on battery saver when battery is low, here, as you battery goes to below 20 percent, it automatically puts your device in power saver mode. If you starts showing heart on battery icons means your device is in saver mode.

2. Turn off double tap to wake up phone (For Nokia Devices only)

Only Nokia is offering this facility to wake up phone by double tapping on the screen, it also consumes some battery. This option I hope you can use always because there is a hardware button to lock/Unlock your Windows Phone. If you’re happy with pressing the power button to wake up the phone, this should be OK for you I guess.

3. Lower the auto brightness

Go to brightness section (Settings->brightness) and first change the brightness level down to medium and then turn on the auto-brightness. It is also great tip to save more battery compare to making few changes.

4. Disable few apps running on background

I personally won’t allow you to do that but if you are emergency and want to keep live your phone then go for this tip, actually almost most of the apps runs on background to provide instant notifications, first go to Settings and swipe to applications, there you can inspect how many apps are running now, disable accordingly.

5. Turn On Air Plane mode

If you are going somewhere or travelling and see there is now network connect then you can put your phone in Air Plane mode that would be beneficial to save some battery. It turns off cellular, NFC sharing and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth in one try, but you can individually turn them on if you need to.

6. Set to check mails less frequently

If you have added email accounts that don’t need to be checked more often, you can then make it to downloads new content from those accounts less frequently. Instead of 30 minutes, change it to hourly or every 2 hours, or even by manually. Go to settings > email+accounts, then click on a mailbox account.

7. Stop Scanning for WiFi network


If you are out of WiFi network and still your phone’s WiFi is on then first turn it off right away, Go to settings > Wi-Fi > advanced, then uncheck “Notify me when new networks are found.

8. Disconnect Xbox Live

If you don’t like to play games and don’t care about game updates and anything then you should turn off the Xbox. Go to Settings->Swipe to Applications and tap game, turn off the first option that says “Connect to Xbox”

9. Close App you are not using

Always try to close you have opened on your device, sometimes if you need to keep open any app is fine but usually you should close them. If you have the latest Windows Phone 8 update 3, you can also exit apps by pressing and holding the back button then clicking the X’s on the upper right corner of the apps you want to close.

10. Decrease Screen timeout

You can set the screen to automatically switch off after a short time. Go to settings > lock screen, then scroll all the way down to where it says “Screen times out after.” The shortest time you can choose is 30 seconds.