Best VPN Apps for iPhone to access blocked sites

By | April 14, 2014


Do you live in a nation that does not allow you to open any specific website sites or you simply would prefer not to specific orgs, for example, NSA snooping around your activities on the web. If it is yes, then we have got some extraordinary proxy tool for your iPhone, iPad or any iDevice you can use to get to blocked websites and moreover search the web being spy. The proxy apps on iOS work as they allow users to get to sites through Safari and use tool that offers blocked content or services.

If you are looking for some best VPN Apps for iPhone, iPad or any iDevice then you are at right place. Here I have listed some of the best available apps for this purpose that will help you to get your task done with ease. Here below are some free apps and for some you have spent some bucks. Choose the best one depending on your need.

Best VPN Apps for iPhone to access blocked sites

SpotFlux for iOS

SpotFlux-VPNSpotFlux has many benefits that make it a totally worthy download adding the capability to save connection bandwidth, to protect from malware, viruses and pro-active privacy arms that keeps your identification secretly every time. Spotflux also used to hiding your IP (Internet Protocol) address also encrypts your sending and receiving data. Here below is the iTunes link to get this app.

iTunes link- SpotFlux


TunnelBear VPN app for iOS

Tunnel-Bear-VPNThis is one of the best VPN (Virtual Network Proxy) tool I have ever came across for iOS running devices, unlike other VPN this is very easy to use and let you allow to surf restricted websites without slowing down the internet speed. If you want to install on to your device you have to spent $2.99 per month which I think is not a bid deal for an app with so much of features.

iTunes link- TunnelBear


Faceless VPN app for iOS

Faceless-VPNIt offer users with same functionality in addition to the access to blocked websites and services and secure encrypted tunnel. With Faceless app you get 1 GB data per month absolutely for free, offshore IP address, anonymous web browsing and much more which you will get to know only after installing this. The subscription for this app starts from $1.99 per month cheaper than the previous one.

iTunes link- Faceless VPN


Dash VPN app for iOS

Dash-VPNThis is a two in one app available for both iPhone and iPad that secures your network connection and allow you to access unauthorized sites. It will show network statistics how much data you have used for this session. With this fast VPN connection one can easily access YouTube and Skype. The monthly subscription for this VPN app starts from $0.99 per month.

iTunes link- Dash VPN

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