Best Torrent Search Apps for Google Chrome


No doubt, Torrent is one of the best place to get movie, software, videos and more. The reason behind its popularity is, it allows you to download as many files you can using peer to peer connection. Also they provide desktop as well mobile app to download files. But if you are working on internet, it is not possible to search and download files every time using your phone or the software.

Also if you generally use Google Chrome then I can help you to get rid out of these situations. Chrome has several apps that allows you to search torrent and monitor your download. Just scroll down and get the app that works great on almost every platform.


I have listed those app depending on the star they have got by the users. I hope you won’t feel bad after getting any of the listed Torrent search apps for Google Chrome.

 Best Torrent Search Apps for Google Chrome

uTorrent for Google Chrome

µTorrent for Google Chrome is the #1 extension for µtorrent. It has already crossed 100k downloads around the world and still counting. This extension for Chrome adds µtorrent web graphical users interface to your web browser. It allows you to control your µtorrent client from everywhere around the world.

Download uTorrent for Google Chrome

TMS – Torrent search

This extension searches on multiple torrent trackers at the same time, without using third-party search engines sites and displays the most recent search results on the go!.

How it Works:

You just enter a search query, and the extension introduces your query on the selected trackers and offers you one page with all search results. You won’t need to go anywhere else after getting it, just select the file you want, that’s it.

Features of TMS:

  • The icon near the address bar with quick access to search!
  • Always new search results
  • Supports all torrent trackers has 40 built-in and over 50 can be found on a special website with custom trackers
  • Always in your browser
  • Updated gallery of new movies and games
  • Smart definition of quality torrent
  • Allows one-click follow the release of new films and know in what quality they currently have on the torrent trackers
  • Tip as you type in the search box
  • Synchronization favorite with kinopoisk
  • Filter and sort the search results list by the time/size/seeds/peers/words.

Download TMS – Torrent Search

Torrent Turbo Search app

One of the popular app for Google Chrome that allows you to search torrent and shows the up-to-date search result. Features are almost same, compared to the above two apps but this is very fast and responsive. As it is very fast they named it as the turbo search app. Sometimes due to server error it behaves little different but over all this is a nice app to work with. Just go through the download link to get this app on your browser.

Download Torrent Turbo Search

So, how you are feeling after getting the best torrent search apps for Google Chrome?, are these the apps for which you were looking for?? Comment below how these apps are useful and what are the main features of it.