Best tools and web apps for keyword research

By | June 30, 2014

Keyword research is basic tool for developing a potent inbound marketing strategy and improving the Search Engine Optimization. Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo mostly favor the compelling content but you won’t generate more traffic for your website, if you don’t include the words and phrases which people are interested and actively searching for those things. So keyword research tools are helpful to find what the people are searching for and displays the results.

There are so many keyword research tools and most of them are bit confusing and counter intuitive and the process of finding the keywords might be challenging and time consuming. Here I am listing some best tools and web apps for keyword research which informs the strategic process and identifies what your users want exactly and are concerned about.



1. Google Keyword tool

Google Keyword planner is like a workshop for building the new search network campaigns and also expanding the existing ones. It can be viewed as an essential tool for conducting the research on keyword phrases and provides lots of information about the competition, popularity and phrase variations. The demise of the Google’s keyword the most popular thing of its kind has left the online marketers  looking for the alternatives.

2. WordStream Keyword Tool 

It has the huge database contains more than trillion keyword database and it enables the users to customize the searches by filtering the adult keywords and you can try 30 keywords for free. It provides the more options to identify the keyword grouping, negative keywords and find the keyword niches. The full version will deliver the thousands of results of the keywords and the top 100 available for free.

3. SEO book keyword tool

It is powered by word tracker and offers the search volumes by market for Google, Bing and Yahoo and link those things to the related global results links to Google Trends, Google Synonyms, Google suggest, Yahoo!suggest, keyword research results and keyword discovery. It points you to the top 10 suggestions provided by the Google Instant for the keyword. It allows you to click onwards to vertical search results including directories, tools classifieds, answer sites and groups to form a holistic synopsis.

4. Word Tracker

It is very simple to use, very fast and reveals the high performing keywords with in minutes through its easy to use interface. It let you know what the people are searching for gives the multitude of solutions for the keyword phrases and computes how much competition you face for the terms you select.

5. Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye is the new player in this segment and helps you to simplify the keyword research. It is a visual tool that displays the keywords in the increasing or decreasing sizes based on the search volume or AdWords competition. It comes in basic version which offers the 10 free keyword searches per day and with the 100 results delivered per report. With Keyword Eye you can also receive the information regarding your competitors.

6. Ubersuggest

Uber suggest make use of the Google Suggest service and the other suggesting services. You can get the thousands of the keyword ideas instantly from the real user queries. It provides you all the terms suggested by the Google for each letter after your keyword in the alphabetical order. It provides the vertical results for the images, shopping, news, video and recipes.

7. SEMrush 

SEMrush ia heavy weight tool and it helps you to discover your competitor’s organic and paid keywords in search. You can seach using your competitor’s domain using the specific keywords and see the volumes, trends and other data across different Google regional domain and Bing.


8. KeywordSpy

Keyword Spy is the paid version which lets you to unveil your competitors most profitable keywords and ad copies. It tracks all search tracking activity of any industry which empowers you with the SEO intelligence, marketing intelligence, competitors keywords and their copies. It displays only 10 results like SEMrush and you have resort to looking at the competitors keywords for more data.

9. Advanced web ranking 

It offers the keyword research tool which brings the data from the Google Webmaster API, Google AdWords, Google Suggest, Google Trends, SEMRush, 7Search, Word tracker and Yahoo API and other related keyword search together in one place and helps you to identify efficient keywords and find your competitor’s best keywords.

10. MOZ

MOZ loads the top 10 rankings for any keyword and assigns that keyword a difficulty score based on pages which currently rank for that word. You can view the search volume data for your keywords, then pull up the SERP to view the top 10 results of the each keyword. Competitive keyword analysis metrics shows you whether a competitor is ready to throw out.



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    I think that free would be way better fit than Ubersuggest as it generates 2 times more keywords, has no captcha, no ads and works much faster.

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