Best tools to monitor website traffic


Website traffic is nothing but the amount of the data sent and received by the visitors to a website. Monitoring and analyzing the website traffic much important because, by analyzing the traffic to your website you can plan how to increase the traffic and what are the areas you need to concentrate. There are more number of tools in the market which helps you to understand your website traffic.

If your website is new or have been old and established for some time then tracking the traffic sources, behavior and visitor demographics will help you to develop the better content on your websites and convert more number of leads into customers. Here I am listing some of the free and expensive tools to monitor website traffic. This article may definitely help you to choose the best tool to analyze your website traffic. Google Analytics is the most popular website analyzing tool and there are some other best alternatives to Google Analytics.

1. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is the most popular and the best tools in the market for tracking the traffic, detailed statistics, traffic sources and sales of your website. It is mainly aimed at the marketers and opposed to the technologists and webmasters from which the web analytics grew. This is the free software which can be used easily by just signing up for a Google account and generating the tracking code to add to your website. After activating, it lets you to track everything from the basics such as where your site visitors are located globally to how the visitors interact with your site.

It helps you to see whether your marketing efforts done recently are successful are not. For example, recently if you have spent some time social media campaign to your website then it will let you view the referral traffic and see whether the visitors from the social media networks are clicking your website or not.

2. Alexa


Alexa is the subsidiary company of headquartered in California. It is considered as the best alternative to Google analytics which provides the commercial web traffic data. Depending upon the level of the insight you required there are different option to use it freely or signing up for its premium package. The free version allows you to analyze the basic stats like rank of your site on the web, browsing location, demographic data of the visitors including their genders and education level.

It provides the search traffic analysis of your website along with the list of five keywords and provides the summary of which sites linking to your site. Paid plan starts at $49 per month and those who sign up for this plan can access demographic data and historical data in more depth.


amung_us is the effective and best option if you want to track the web traffic in real time. Google Analytics pioneer in website analytics has recently launched the real-time traffic tool but however Amung is specialized in real time trafficking for several years. If you have recently launched the marketing campaign then it is definitely helpful to gather immediate data of your efforts. It offers the basic tracking tool for free and it will display the statistics on the graph of who is currently on your site and where they are located worldwide. The premium package offers the advanced tracking tools.

4. Jetpack for WordPress


Most of the bloggers and the business owners select WordPress for their content management needs. This platform is perceptive and is simple and easy to manage. To use this no technical knowledge of CSS or HTML is required. Jetpack provides the easy way to track your website visitors and it is the great plugin for WordPress to use. If you have have installed Jetpack plug-in once it provides the graph of your site visitors directly on your WordPress dashboard.

5. Clicky


It is the best option to Google Analytics which renders on the mobile devices as well. Click lets you to track the demographic data of your website and also how the visitors behaving on your site. It will also allows you to sign up for the alerts, for example if any visitor makes purchase in your site you will be notified immediately. Clicky apps are available both for iOS and Android platforms and it biggest strength lies in the mobile compatibility.