Best streaming music app for iPhone and iPad

By | May 13, 2014

Music is the greatest way to get relax from tension, people generally want apps for music that requires less functionality and more features. There are lots of app available at App Store for iPhone and iPad but it is very difficult to get the best app every time. If you are also looking for the best streaming music app for iPhone and iPad to listen music.


Here below are some best reviewed and starred apps available for both iPhone and iPad to go for listening music with best feature included. I have listed these app based on the review and number of downloads from App Store.

Note: Availability and sometimes catalog feature and size sets vary greatly by location. The U.S. has almost all the services available, but other countries might get lesser feature than US.

Best streaming music app for iPhone and iPad



Spotify allows you to access more than 25 million songs to create playlists. It’s one of the largest music streaming service currently available specifically in U.S. Spotify also manages to link tons of exclusive deals which means you might not found some contain anywhere other then Spotify. Premium users get totally on-interest streaming and additionally the capability to download tracks for offline listening. Spotify streams at up to 320 kbps too which means better sound quality compared to the competing services.

If you are not among them who compromises with sound quality and service, without second thought go for this app by click on the download link to get Spotify.

Download – Spotify

Beats Music


The Beats Music users interface is just spot on. Right from the starting, it holds your hand through creating an account. After creating a username and selecting a photo, the app sprays you with bubbles filled with artists and genres,allowing you to explore the ones you like and close the ones you do not. If you get feel disturbed from the other process, swipe bubbles around longer than you need to, do not worry, you are in a safe place here. To be honest, I love to use this app and allows me to create playlists, have more than 20 millions songs, easy to share and tweet the songs for social influence, able to play offline music, this is absolutely ad free as well.

Download – Beats Music



Pandora is also a Radio app available for iPhone, iPad. However its music library is quite smaller compared to the other, it has around 1 million songs to play but still its a good deal to go for this music app to stream online songs. Here you can sort songs by artist and can start streaming based on them. Pandora is available for free as well as paid. In free app you will get ads but if you are opted to pay $4.99 monthly, you will get better music quality and desktop app too.

Download – Pandora



Currently Rdio houses over and offers similar features of Spotify. If we talk about the app design, it is hard to beat Rdio’s eye-catching design suite of apps for both iPad and iPhone. Rdio also features radio style streaming for free through all their apps offline and online. Premium users of this app will get download option to save the music file to listen offline and on-demand streaming. Spotify has limit that maximum you can download 10-10,000 songs where there is no limitation in Rdio.

Download Rdio