Best screencasting apps to create video tutorials

By | July 1, 2014

If you want to explain any tutorials on your computer or give any lecturers then screencasting helps you to do so. Screencasting tools are nothing but which records what is going on your computer screen. There are so many screencasting tools available and don’t get confused with all those things. Here I am listing some best screencasting apps to create video tutorials.

1. AviScreen


AviScreen is the most popular screencasting tool which captures the screen activities and converts the recorded file into .avi file or into several images. It also includes the nifty feature which is often referred as “follow the cursor”, means that you can create a smaller dimension video and the tool will follow the cursor automatically to the location so that person who is seeing your video will not miss anything. It features very simple user interface and very easy to use and the best function it has is “follow the cursor” feature.

2. Copernicus


Copernicus is exclusively for the Mac users and is available for free and it focuses mainly on creating the quick and speedy films by recording the video to the RAM for the quicker access. It can be used to create the screenshots easily and simple how to movies. The main drawback with this is it doesn’t include any support for audio.

3. CamStudio


CamStudio is the open source software and a nice capture program which records on the screen and audio activity and create the standard .avi files. It features its own in-built SWF producer can convert those .avi files into stream friendly flash video .swf files. It makes use of its own lossless codec which produces the nice and clear results all the while at a smaller file size than most other popular codecs.

4. Screencast-o-Matic


It is a Java based screencasting tool which doesn’t require any downloads and allows you to automatically upload to hosting. It allows you to create the video recordings from your web browser. It is very simple to use, just click Create on the website and your screen will be now recorded. It starts recording the audio and video as soon as if you hit the red record icon and you can record the video of 15 minutes. You can even create the titles, description and notes at the specific time in the video and also allows the keywords and makes the screencast searchable.

5. Jing


Jing is not the just screencasting tool, beside to screencasting it lets you to take picture of any part of your desktop, draw on it, add message and also upload the media immediately to the free hosting account. After uploading you are given a small URL which you can give to whomever needs to see the video or the image. It is available for free both for Windows and Mac OS.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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