Best Robotics Projects and their Applications


Many Engineering students are showing interest in robotics to do their projects especially students in the stream of Electronics and Communications because their were aware of the robotics. It is simple to to get the application but it is tough to do implementation, Before doing these kind of projects you need to know about what is Robotics? Robotics is a branch of technology which deals with the design, Operation and application of robots as well as you can say computer system for their control, sensory feed back and information processing.

Actually these type of technologies deals with automated machines which is used in the dangerous environment where human is impossible to go. Today robotics is a rapidly growing field, as technological advances, research, design and building new robots serve various practical,Whether domestically or Military. Many robots do jobs that are hazardous to people such as defusing bombs, mines and exploring shipwrecks. This article gives you the best robotics projects and their applications.

Two Wheel Self Balancing Robot

Two Wheel Self-Balancing Robots are an area of research that may well provide the future locomotion for everyday robots. This project implemented a ‘Two Wheel Self-Balancing robot’ that can be controlled and balanced by it. The two wheel robot is a highly unstable robot as it is just like an inverted pendulum. The system therefore has to be controlled to reach stability in this unstable state.

Two wheel Self balancing Robot

The key to keep the balancing robot upright is to drive the wheels in the direction the upper part of the robot is falling. This is implemented by using a ATMEGA8 Microcontroller, Accelerometer, motors, motor drivers, wheels. The tilt position of the robot is measured by the ADXL355 accelerometer and proper stability is achieved by the concepts of PID control system and Pulse Width Modulation. There are many applications by using this project, This project is used in the Cricket and some stadiums during drinks break. In US there is full demand for these type of projects.

Line Following Robotic vehicle

Line following Robotic vehicle is a robot follows a certain path and moves on that path. The path may be a black line, White floor or Magnetic field as your requirements. These type of projects are used in many applications from being a guide from public places to automatic vehicles. Here a line following robotic vehicle is developed which is made to move on a curved black path sensed by a pair of sensors for each motor.

Line Following Robotic vehicle

Actually there are two motors in this projects with a DC supply to each motor, And the motor is controlled by a Transistor which acts a switch. A pair of sensors are used in this project Infra Red LED and photo diode are place beneath the circuit. The white floor is sensed by the sensors and according the motor have to rotate. If suppose the sensor didn’t sense the white floor then the motot should stop automatically. The sensor works on the principle that When light from the IR LED falls on the White surface it gets reflected and this reflected light fall on the photo diode which reduces its resistance so as to control the conduction of the motor switch.

War Field spying Robot with Night Vision Camera

Robot is designed which consists on wireless camera as it can take snaps even in the night and wireless transmitter transmit these snap shots to the TV receiver unit. Main application of this project is that it can be used as a Spy in the militarily to know about enemies and to the send the information to the controlling unit. Robot which is connected with the Night Vision Camera  can be controlled by RF communication by set of push buttons.

Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle

Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle

Fire Fight Robotic Vehicle is used in many hazardous situations like when a fire accident occurs. Here such a prototype is demonstration which consists of a water pipe with a nozzle and a pump.  The movement of the robot as well the spraying of water by the nozzle is controlled remotely using a set of push buttons and the commands are transmitted the robot through RF communication.

Obstacle Avoidance Robotic vehicle

A robot can be detect the environment by its own,  Here a fully automatic robot is developed which senses the area around it and accordingly moves. A sensor arrangement is embedded which senses any objects ahead of it and accordingly the robot changes its direction to avoid any collision. Such robotic vehicles can be used at places like sanctuaries etc.

Ultra Sonic sensor is the main thing used in this obstacle Avoidance Robotic Vehicle, Ultra Sonic robotic requires DC voltage, You may have doubt that how it works? Ultra sonic sensor always releases the signals when the signal hit a an obstacle at a distance the signal will reflect to sensor according the wheels have to move with our touching the Obstacle. Micro Controller is used to control the vehicle with respective to the sensors.

Touch Screen Based remote controlled Robotic vehicle for store management

These type of Robots are used in the big stores to manage the items and things stored in it. In this type you need to use the Touch Screen panel to give command to the Robotic vehicle about how to operate the vehicle as your requirements. The Commands are transmitted and received by the Robot to give the proper motion to the robot in desired direction.