Best Resources for Android development

By | May 6, 2014

Whether you are a freelancer professional or just beginning with Android development, here is the list of resources (including blogs, tools and libraries) is useful for any developer or team on just about any project, no matter it is small or big.

These resources also helps them who are currently in Schools and colleges want to learn Android development at full fledged. Checkout the list posted below and bookmark those which seems helpful to you. I hope you will like.


Best Resources for Android development



OkHttp is a product of Square, an open-source SPDY and HTTP library for Java and Android. Android comes with two existing HTTP frameworks (HttpClient and HttpURLConnection) but over different Android versions have been popular with bugs that can make any normally-logical developer go nuts trying to nail down an HTTP issues.

Checkout – OKhttp

Android Views

Android-Views is a website that targets to bring together number of the different libraries, tools and resources into a brows-able index. Unfortunately, there is no search options and the site is not encyclopedic, so you will probably also can checkout other list posted here.

Checkout – Androidviews

DPI Calculator for Android


An elegant and simple tool, offering user to plug in a number at any density (yeah, even tvdpi) and will calculate the value for any other density. I suggest you to keep this one, it might helps you a lot in future when you go for some Android development.

Checkout – DPI Calculator for Android

Android Developers Youtube Channel


Basically for beginners videos are a handy resource to start with. Sometimes experts also used to watch online tutorial to get help. Checkout Google Developers Channels to find out much more about Android development, design, and UX — old and new. 

Android Holo Color Generator


This tool simplifies the previously design-resource overburden process of making custom Holo-style Android apps and widgets. Just tell a color, specify your action bar theme, and get going!

Checkout – Android Holo Color Generator

Android LifeCycle


Touting itself as the “Complete Android Fragment & Activity Lifecycle” (I have not totally confirmed this, however it looks good… ), this diagram traces the stream of Activity and Fragment in relation to user association inside and outside of your application.

Checkout – Android Life Cycle