Best PS3 games of 2014 : Review

By | July 14, 2014

When PS3 is released back in 2006 it got a mixed response and was a much maligned console because of the expensive, ugly and tough to develop for the Sony’s machine. But as the years passed, Sony stepped up and emerged its PS3 into something which sits comfortably in the hearts of the players. The key point for this success is because of the incredible games which poured onto the system. I picked some of the best PS3 games of 2014 and reviewing them.

1. Dark Souls 2



Like Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 is not just a fantasy role playing the adventure but the cloud which hangs heavy over head. Those who have played Dark Soul know the hard swallow which occurs on being told someone has invaded you world. Dark Soul 2 is not the survival horror game in the normal sense, but some other games can make you this afraid of the peer around the corner. Dark Souls 2 features the enhanced graphics, amazing new background story and fluid mo-cap character animations.

In the Dark Souls game, gamers who used the humanity to take the living form will be invaded through PVP or summon some additional help but in the Dark Souls 2 even the players in the Hollow state are accessible to intrusion from other human adventures.

2. Enemy front


Enemy Front’s anarchic, up-close and depict fictionalized moments taken from the different battles of World War II. It features beautiful graphics such as camera effects, swarm of the Nazis in the aggressive poses, muzzle flashes and gun fire filling the screen and the civilians running for the protection. Initially, it is very easy go along with the assertion of playing an America freedom fighter named Robert Hawkins. He looks like an one man army with the handful of missions with the rest of the time and he will be partnered with an operative or the large part of the squad.

The radio broadcasted motivational speeches of the Hawkins are bit puzzling and laughable, during the warsaw uprising is pinfully flat. The apprehension of killing the Nazis in the consecutive chapters is the key factor motivates you to keep playing the Enemy front.

3. Castlevania : Lords of Shadow 2


Castlevania Lords of Shadows is occasionally beautiful, exciting and rewarding and along the way you must endure the handful of drab settings and boring stealth puzzles to enjoy the best parts of the game. The story of the game should resonate with anyone with the continuing interest in the series narrative, occasionally fantastic environments and the monsters creates the worthwhile experience. In game you will in the tough position initially of the Lords of Shadow 2 and you and the Dracula awake from the centuries of the rest in Cathedral and smack in the middle of the modern metropolis.

Castlevania, Lords of Shadow 2 has renewed the focus on breaking up the combat using the puzzles and the light platforming while the enemies have risen the difficulty to renew the bloody balance.

4. Child of Light


Child of Light is designed by Ubisoft Montreal team headed by Patrick Plourde. The story of the game is about the duke’s daughter Aurora is dead and yet she lives and join Aurora across the mysterious Lemuria kingdom on her quest to return to the home. You will be helped by Igniculus the firefly, Finn the Capilli and many other characters and Aurora must defeat the Queen of the night who has theft the Sun, Moon and the Stars.

It has the amazing graphics and the gorgeous hand painted art style, which make use of the modified UbiArt Framework engine which allows the heroine of the game Aurora to be rendered in 3D but displayed on the 2D sprite.

5. Destiny


Destiny is the another best game for the PS3 which is poised to bring the new life to the shooter genre games by embracing the potential of the seamlessly networked play. Set in the remote future, destiny thrusts players into the roles of guardians of the last city on the earth which traverse the ancient ruins of the solar system from the red dunes of Mars to the Venus exotic jungles. Destiny’s saga unfolds through the grand tales and sweeping adventures by the immersive gamers in the bold new world filled with the competitive, co-operative, public and social activities all are seamlessly connected.

Destiny game incorporates the Bungie’s trademark grand scope, sci-fi story telling and the adventures which took place in the cinematic universe. In addition it delivers the unique social gaming experience to the consoles by offering the players a connected and the living world which they can explore and combined with the vibrant social spaces where they can celebrate the achievements.

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