Best Playlist management apps for Android


Many of the music lovers want to create the different playlists for different genres, folders, artists, year, album, singers, composers, recently added and many more. So using playlists it is easy to play the songs according to the situations and easy to find the songs. There are so many playlist management apps available for Android platform which makes easier to create, organize and manage the playlists. In this article I am listing some best playlist management apps for Android.


1. Playlist Manager

It is one of the best Playlist Manager app for Android and it allows you to create, update and remove the playlists very quickly. It helps you to get rid off from the long and painful process of adding one by one songs to your playlists is finally over. With playlist manager you can now add the multiple songs to the multiple playlists in few seconds. Explore all your folders, albums, artists, genres, and recently added songs with just few clicks.


  • Add and remove multiple songs from multiple playlists.
  • Create dynamic playlists.
  • Remove the duplicate playlists automatically.
  • Share the playlist.
  • Quickly add the widgets and notification.
  • Allows to delete all files in the playlist.

Download Playlist manager.

2. Playlist Manager and Creator

It is another best playlist manager app and has so many features which you will not find with other apps. The main feature is it has the ability to create the playlists automatically and it selects the music for you. You can create the playlists from the whole music folders or create them depending on the genre, artist, composer, year and also select the music based upon when they are added to your collection. Those created playlists can be played with built in android players or other third party music players.


  • Create the native android playlists easily.
  • Rename and delete all the playlists.
  • Generate the random playlists automatically.
  • Create the playlists using the preferred playlist name and of your music folders, genre, artists, Composer, year, decade with one click.
  • Customize the background and font colors.
  • Drag and drop to rearrange the tracks.

Download Playlist organizer and creator.

3. My Playlist Maker

My Playlist Maker is the free and handy app which allows you to create the M3U playlists for the music folders and directories in the SD card with few clicks. It offers the support many formats ranging from .mp3 to .wma with easy to use interface and recently it has added support to WMA format.

Simply select the music and the playlist directories of the file types to search for and gives the preview of the possible playlists which are generated. There are some other settings which can be implemented to scan the playlists generated and allow the results to appear according to your desire.

Download My Playlist maker.

4. Playlist Organizer

Playlist Organizer allows you to keep your music in order and now no need to search the songs everywhere and manually create the playlists. It allows you to create the new playlists from the folders of the SD card and you can organize your music as you want and select one or more folder to create the new playlist automatically.


  • Create the playlists from the folder.
  • Update all the playlists automatically.
  • You can sort your playlists as you want.
  • Find the music album in your folder.
  • Rename the new playlists and delete the current playlists.

Download Playlist Organizer

5. PlayList Generator

If you are using a music player which lacks the ability to play a folder, then this app eliminates this drawback which can create the playlists that can open in your player. With Playist Generator you no need to create the playlists manually. Now you don’t need to install the new player and use the standard system. It works only for the folders with micro SD card. It supports almost all types of files such as mp3, aac, 3gp, ogg, wma, wav, mp2, mp4, flac, ape, 3gpp and more.

Download Playlist generator.

6. Easy Playlist editor

Easy Playlist Editor makes the managing and creating the playlists is very easy. This app will allow you to create the new playlists in the classical way like selecting the favorite album and selecting the song which will you love the most of your favorite artist. it will also allow you to create the playlist selecting all the songs you have saved in the specified folder on your micro SD card. It will allow you to create your playlist quickly and easily even if you have not set all the meta information like artist, title, album, ecc etc., of your mp3 files. You can also edit the existing playlist with this app in order to update them according to your tastes.

Download Easy Playlist editor.

7. Auto Playlist

Auto Playlist is the another most popular playlist manager which is a “play by folder” add-on which works with all the music players. For each of the folder on your micro SD card, an automatic playlist is created and it keeps all the folders up to date. It is fully automatic and now you can avoid all the work done manually. After downloading and installing just start it once and exit, that’s it you are done and whenever you add or delete the music files on the memory card, Auto playlist updates the playlists automatically in the background.

Download Auto playlist.