Best Photo Filtering Apps for iPhone


Looking for the best photo filtering apps for iPhone. These wonderful photo filtering apps providing filters and effects to your phone and makes your image awesome and dynamic. Here you get, the more creative and unique, photo filter and effect apps are what you want. With the help of these images you can added your personal touch with these photos and you can also share these pics on various social networking websites like – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Best Photo Filtering Apps here


The VSCO Cam is one of the best photo filtering apps which available for the iPhone ecosystem. The app is the best replacement of the camera. The VSCO Cam app is the premier way to shoot, edit and share your photographs. This app is integrated with VSCO Grid, a free photo publishing platform. You can crop and edit images on your iPhone with the help of this app. This app has VSCO Tools allow for fine tuning, with the goal to complement, not define, your photographs. Exposure, Temperature, Contrast, Crop, Rotate, Fade, Vignette and more allow you to define your look.  The app is available free, you can download this app from here!

VASCO Cam app

Features :

  • Easily view your image data including location, date, preset used and more.
  • Easily share your images with friends and family via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and Camera Roll.
  • Import and export your images in high resolution without sacrificing any quality.
  • Organize, favorite and filter your images using the quick filter navigation.


The Afterlight is a paid photo filtering app. The app is available at $0.99 in the Apple App store. This app has over 50 filters and 60 textures which you can add to your photos. You can layer them on top of each other, combine them with basic edits, and more. With the use of this app you can crop your photos with our quick and easy cropping tool with 15 different presets. This app also allowed you to transform your photos with our rotating tool, vertical and horizontal flipping tools, and straightening. You can download this app from here!


Features :

  • 128 different simplistic and adjustable frames
  • 14 Guest Filters by various Instagram users
  • Transform your photos with our rotating tool, vertical and horizontal flipping tools


The Mexture is also a paid app like Afterlight but it has many filter options as compared to the other apps which are available at the Apple App store. The Mextures is the best app for applying film grain, textures, light leaks and beautiful gradients to your images in seconds. With the help of this image you can adjust your photos with precise finesse.  It also has powerful tools such as exposure, contrast, tint, white balance, fade, black and white, highlights/shadows, sharpness, and saturationMextures works as a series of layers on top of layers, you can quickly go back or revert to a previous state by just deleting a layerThe app is available in app at a price of $1.99, you can download this app from here!


 Features :

  • Tons of analog light leaks, gritty and grainy film textures, dusty vintage film scans, tasteful grunge, and perfectly tuned gradients.
  • Included are 26 presets that emulate popular film and processing techniques
  • Original textures are created from actual film scans using various cameras 17 incredible iPhoneographers who have created over 130 custom formulas.


The Litely is very much like VSCO Cam and offers a limited number of filters and effects for free. With the help of this app you can add gorgeous, film-inspired to your photos in seconds.  With the help of this app  you can adjust, crop, exposure, sharpness, & vignette for lovelier photos. You can download the free variant of this app from here!


 Features :

  • Browse 36 additional presets in the shop, with new packs arriving in future updates.
  • Finger-friendly, drag-anywhere interface. Fewer taps. Quicker edits.
  • Full-screen editing with gyroscope support for panoramic photos.
  • Smart Adjustments for perfect composition, exposure, sharpness
  • Vignetting! Pinch to darken the corners of your photos for better focus & light.
  • Two-finger tap for Before & After.
  • Non-destructive editing. Change or undo any adjustment at any time, in any order. Your original photo is always preserved.


It is  also one of the best photo filtering app, which available in the iOS platform.  With the help of this app two people could open and edit the same photo and come out with something completely different every time. Add multiple filters or edits over each other and keep adding to them. Once you’ve achieved the look you like, you can share your photo or just export it to your Camera Roll. The app is free and you can download this app from here!


Features :

  • Easily adjust your photos with a single tap using Auto Correct
  • Tweak your photo to perfection with Tune Image
  • Use Selective Adjust to enhance specific objects or areas in your photos
  • Experiment with fun & innovative filters like Retrolux, Drama, Vintage, Grunge, and Tilt-Shift
  • Add one of the many high quality frames for a finishing touch
  • Share your creations via email, Google+, and other built-in sharing methods