Best payment alternatives to PayPal

By | June 16, 2014

PayPal is the most popular allowing payments and money transfers through the internet for the eCommerce business. Experts predicted that mobile payment transactions market will reach over $235 billion in 2015. Although, PayPal is the most popular player in this segment, it has been facing lot of competition from other players due to it has gathered a lot of hate from the small business communities.

Some of other major players like Apple and Facebook are in plans to release their own online payment services. It is the time for PayPal to setup their game. There are some other alternatives to PayPal, which provides the better service to small and big online business.

Here are the best payment alternatives to PayPal which you need to have a definite look.

1. Google Wallet


Google Wallet is previously known as Google Checkout and is a mobile payment system from Google which lets the users to store their Credit cards, debit cards, cash cards and also redeeming the sales promotion on their mobile phone. It is safe, simple and make the rapid transfers to and from your bank account. It uses the Near Field Communication (NFC) to make the secure payments fast and convenient by just tapping the phone on any PayPass enabled terminal at checkout. It includes the features similar PayPal, such as credit card processing and features the ability to send the invoices.

2.  Skrill


Skrill was previously known as Moneybookers and is one of the global eCommerce business allows the payments made through the internet. It includes some exciting features such as free setup, low cost, and it includes the ability to send the text messages straight form the users account. It is the best option for the international merchants since they are allowed to transfer the  account balance to the debit card instantly. It allows the merchants to accept the online payments, via major payments cards like debit and credit cards and through Skrill’s own online accounts and other local payment methods.

3. WePay


WePay is the  best alternative to the PayPal and it focuses exclusively on the platform businesses such as small business software, crowdfunding sites and marketplaces. It offers the stellar customer service and fraud prevention and it allows the consumers to make the purchases without leaving the merchant’ s site via virtual terminal. It looks more professional and its service seems to be more focused on the individual’s interests. It allows the business platforms to access its payment capabilities and process the users credit cards.

4. Authorize.Net


It is very old and established payment gateway started its services in 1996. It claims over a user base of more than 4,00,000 merchants and it is the Internet’s most widely used gateway service. It has received the Achievement in Customer Excellence award for five consecutive years. It offers the best customer service.

5. 2Checkout 


2Checkout combine a merchant account with the payment gateway and it permits the customers to receive only Credit Card and PayPal payments. Until it has served more than 50,000 sellers and has built more than 300 fraud rules over time. It also supports the international payments and features the solid shipping cart and recurring billing. It has more than 15 years of experience.

6. Intuit


Basically, Intuit is an American Software Company which deals in developing the financial and tax preparation related software for small businesses, accountants and individuals. It is almost an essential service for the small business retailers who needs the help with the finances. In addition to accepting the payments both online and in-person with GoPayment, Intuit helps you to pay the employees, calculate and file the payroll tax forms.

7. ProPay


It is the American Financial services company, provides the payment solutions which includes the merchants accounts, ACH services, Payment processing, pre-paid cards and other payment related services. It offers the features similar to other payment services which includes receiving and sending money to anywhere in the world and recurring billing and built-in shopping cart. ProPay is also accepted by eBay.

8. ClickBank


ClickBank is the private online market for digital information products. It is old and well established and started services form 1998. It offers a lot of easy to use features and also includes a feature of building a site for your products and optimizing the users business. It is the one-stop shop for the online businesses.

9. Stripe 


Stripe is the new player in this segment and is the rapidly growing start-up which removes the  need for a merchant account or a payment gateway. It takes care of all the payment needs of storing cards, handling subscriptions, direct payouts to your bank account. Web Developers will dig the ability to integrate the payment system into the projects using the Stripe’s API.

10. Dwolla


Dwolla is the United States eCommerce company which provides the online payment system and mobile payments network. Its features  are similar to PayPal including paying your friends back, accepting payments at your business place and more. It has the unique feature that if both the parties are having a Dwolla account, then money can be easily sent through their name, Facebook ID, LinkedIn Profile, Twitter Handle, email address or telephone number.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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