Best open source eCommerce website builder applications

By | June 12, 2014

If you are planning to start an online store to sell your products, then you will be left with so many questions such as how to start the online store, which payment gateway provider is best, how to build the online sites and which courier service is best. All your questions are answered in my previous articles, you can check form the following links. How to start an online store, best payment gateway providers for eCommerce, best courier services for eCommerce, best eCommerce software to build the online store.

If you want to build eCommerce site on your own, then there are two ways, one is you can choose the eCommerce software to build the online store which you can  find in the above links and the other method is using the open source eCommerce website builder applications.

Here I am listing few open source eCommerce platforms on the internet. Go, check the demo and play around and choose which one suits your business model better.



Magneto is a feature rich open source eCommerce platform and it is the one of the most popular open source eCommerce platforms. You can have a look at their clientele list to realize what a kind of open source platform it is. It provides online merchants unprecedented flexibility and complete control over the functionality, look and content of the eCommerce store. Magneto’s perceptive administration interface features Search Engine Optimization, catalog management and powerful marketing give the customer to create that are well designed for their business needs. It is currently used by more than 30,000 customers world wide and is the fastest growing eCommerce platform.

Magneto comes in enterprise edition and community edition, where enterprise edition is packed with full of useful features and you need to pay to use it. Whereas the community edition which is meant for the developers and free to use.

Click here to try magneto for free.

2. OpenCart


OpenCart is the robust eCommerce solution which provides the extensive features for the online merchants and help them to create their own online store. It not only look great, but also extremely scalable and it gives the ability to the customer to create unlimited number of categories, accept multiple currencies and languages, sell unlimited products and the merchant can choose over 8 shipping and 20 payment methods. It comes with feature rich, user friendly and search engine friendly and visually appealing interface. Customers can rate and review the merchant’s products.

Click here to try OpenCart for free.

3. OsCommerce


OsCommerce is the another open source eCommerce platform is available absolutely free under the GNU General Public license. It is very easy to set up and run, so the reason it is very popular and currently powering more than 228,700 online stores. It contains the rich features out of the box and allows the merchants to set up, maintain and run the online stores with minimum effort and free of cost and no limitations. It features 5,800 add-ons which helps you to differentiate from the other, out of which some add-ons are available for money.

Try OsCommerce from here.

4. PrestaShop


PrestaShop is the another robust and professional eCommerce shopping cart software which you can download, install and use for free. It has the powerful back-end support, store admins can manage the orders, inventory, customers and manage the online business in the real time. The payments are done very easily as the customer’s payments are sent directly to the merchant’s commercial bank account using the latest security technology.

It never put limitations for the merchant as it supports unlimited categories, sub-categories, products and pictures.

Try PrestaShop from here.

5. CubeCart



CubeCart is designed to run on the servers which have the PHP and MySQL support. It integrates well into all kinds of sites and looks very professional in the customer’s point of view. Using CubeCart, the online merchant can easily setup the powerful online store in which the digital and the tangible products can be sold to new and existing customers all over the world.

There are two versions available CubeCart 3 which is free and CubeCart 4, the premium platform which costs around £110. The significance differences between CubeCart 3 and CubeCart4 is the former has 3 skins and the later has 5 skins. CubeCart 3 has 4 payment steps and CubeCart 4 has 2 payment steps. Customer registration is compulsory in CubeCart 3 whereas it is optional in CubeCart 4. If you are serious about your business the I recommend to go for CubeCart . But you can also try CubeCart 3 before going to 4. 

Click here to try CubeCart.

6. Spree Commerce


Spree commerce is the open source eCommerce platform and it capitalizes on the dynamic nature of the Ruby on Rails. It provides the most commercial eCommerce platform and using the Spree’s extension system, the online retailer can customize his store and stay away from the crowd of competitors. It includes the useful features such as support for more than 50 payment gateways, custom tax logic and single page checkout, which saves the retailer time and effort.  Spree Commerce also features the built in Google analytics.

Click here to reach Spree Commerce.

7. VirtualMart


VirtualMart is designed to work with the Joomla!. It offers a neat cart which allows the customers to feel comfortable with. In addition to purchasing the products it allows the customers to create the account, access the their old purchase history and add the addresses. It supports multiple languages, currencies and unlimited products and categories. The merchants can upload the unlimited images of their products. Till now 2.5 million people have downloaded VirtualMart and most of them are happy with the results.

First try the trail version if you like it then go for the premium paid version.

Download Virtual Mart from here.

8. UberCart


UberCart is specially designed the online merchants who want to sell the digital products, file downloads, website access passes, event registrations and tickets. UberCart must be integrated with the Drupal, like how the VirtualMart must be integrated with Joomla. Drupal makes the users feel comfortable in choosing the ideal themes and modules to customize their online store. If your not a Drupal user then I recommend you to choose a platform which is more straight forward.

Download UberCart from here.

9. AFcommerce


If you want your eCommerce platform simple then AFcommerce is the best option. It is the complete online store with both the store front and administration area directly out of the box. It can easily installed, maintained and configured over a web based interface. It is not good looking either on the customer side or on the user side, but it works right out of the box and is the best option for the beginners. It features the one page check out,customer help pop up windows and customer accounts can be automatically generated automatically from the orders. AFcommerce package includes eCommerce website building software, AFbuilder which are completely free.

Click here to reach AFcommerce.

10. RapidShop


Using RapidShop, online retailers can create the eCommerce platform fast and easily. It can be used without MySQL and with out PHP, direct from MS Excel. It can be used for 1000-2000 item of products. It is very simple and user friendly and is the best option for the beginners. RapidStore is integrated with Egold, PayPal and any payment system. Using RapidShop you can link your shopping cart to any credit card merchant account or any payment gateway. It provides the powerful marketing tools and Search Engine Optimization.

Click here to reach RapidShop.