Best online advertising Companies : Review


Are you a blogger and you are looking for the some best online advertising companies for your website or blog.  The performance of the online advertising depends on lot of factors and it varies according to the niche you are writing, the audience visiting your site and the demographics of your website and the advertising company. All the factors affecting the online advertising depends from site to site.

Online advertising is nothing but advertising your product through the internet by utilizing the various search engines, millions of blogs and websites. For example you are running a restaurant , then your advertisement is placed in the blog that reviews about the restaurant and there is fair chance that the visitor may visit your restaurant website.

There are different types of online advertisements.

  • Banner advertisement
  • Popup and pop under advertisements.
  • Text link advertisements.
  • Private advertisements.

Here are the list of best online advertising companies

1. Google ad-sense




Many of us think Google as the search engine, but it has grown silently as the biggest advertisement company. Google search engine is the platform to do their advertisement business. They carry their advertisement business on their own search engine. Google is spending the enormous effort and investing so much money to keep their search engine clean, family friendly and up to date. If not then there will be decrease in the visitors and they can sell the advertising.

Google is more flexible and they are the non disputed leader in the online web publishing. They will approve the application from you if you are maintaining the good blog. Since most of the advertisers are targeting their advertising service locally, they will get the better results with less clicks and that the reason they can afford the better pay out for clicks.

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It is the most popular advertisement company and the best alternative to Google ad-sense. It helps to increase the earning through your blog or website if you use it along with the Google ad-sense. It combines the advertiser network of both Yahoo and Bing network with the privately backed web publisher relations and the platform.

Previously it is considered as the alternative to the ad-sense, but it is equal or even better than the ad-sense for earning and conversion. There are some terms and conditions for the publisher and it prohibits some contents. You can check all the terms and conditions from it official site.

Click here for Media.Net official site.



Federated media is the new player in the online advertising market and in the very short time it is rated as the leading advertiser. It can be considered as the little paying alternative to the ad-sense. Those people keep a lot of conditions to accept your blog or website. Their customer service is very good and you can create your account with them in very less time. There are mixed responses on Federated media, you can once try this and take the decision to use this or not.

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4. Value click  media


It is well established online advertisement network and has been in the market since 1998. It is the part of the ValueClick Inc, which is one of the leading advertisement network owning the reputed websites such as Mediaplex and Commission Junction. It has the good CPC and the honest reporting. It offers the ad types such as banners, leaderboards, skyscrapers, interstitial.

Try ValueClickMedia from here.

5. Chitika


It is the old and well established online advertisement network and is a primary non-contextual advertising company. They doesn’t keep the strict terms and conditions for signup and even a new and small website can apply for their approval. They don’t take much time to accept your account approval. it categorizes your website into three level which are Gold, Silver and Bronze. Gold level has tier 1 advertiser, Silver has tier 2 advertisers, Bronze has tier 3 advertisers. It is also receiving mixed responses from its users. Anyway, I recommend you to go for a trail.

Try Chitika from here.

6. CPX-Interactive


CPX Interactive is one of the third tier advertise network available out there. With CPX Interactive you can fill your inventory is filled with low paying ads and you can monetarize you inventory. It is from Yahoo and you can hope no cheat report or click fraud. The users are affiliated to the Yahoo right-media exchange.

Try CPX-Interactive from here.

7. Clicksor


It is typically contextual online advertising network and it is the part of the company Yesup. It is Canada based firm mainly concentrated on the averaged size publishers with most of the traffic from US, Canada and UK. Contextual advertisers return the ads based on the result it gets from the keywords or meta tags from the website.

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