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By | July 5, 2014
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OCR is the abbreviated form of Optical Character Recognition which is the mechanical or electronic conversion of the photo images to text. There are so many OCR tools to convert the scanned the handwritten images onto your PC and turn into the formatted and readable text file. OCR tools analyses the document thoroughly and it extracts the text in the images on the document. Itthe text looks similar to the letter in the font installed on your PC and it will create it.

OCR tools will intelligently tracks the typical features and note down the specific letters and characters. Some OCR tools also come with spell check feature which can guess the words which they don’t understand. You can’t expect 100% accuracy with the OCR software but they are worth using as they save the time.

1. OCR to Word


OCR to Word is the popular text recognition software which helps you to save the time. You don’t need to retype all the work which you have written with hand. It scans any type of image, scanned item and document which converts those files into the editable, readable and accurate word document. As said earlier you can’t achieve 100% accuracy. It is only available for the Windows Operating System.

You can download OCR to Word from  here.

2. Free OCR


It is the another OCR tool which is built using the most powerful Tesseract engine. Tesseract is maintained by Google followed by the success of OCRs.  It supports scanning from the many Twain scanners and it can also open the most scanned PDFs and the multi pages Tiff images and almost all image formats. It is available for free and you can download from the below link. It is available only for Windows platform.

Download Free OCR.

3. Evernote


Evernote  is used by most of the people to remember the things from your daily life by using the Computer, web and tablet. It helps you to organize and setup your personal and professional life easy to access the locations and make your work stressful. It effectively syncs with the devices like tablets and smartphones. But most of the underused feature in Evernote is its OCR feature. It allows you to store the important information and memories through the photographs and you can search for the words in the images.

Download Evernote

4. Simple OCR


Simple OCR is one of the most popular OCR tool and it has more than 3,00,000 user base world wide. It has nice User Interface and is very easy to use and it can be edited from scratch to design the same kind of software. It is available for free and has no limitations in the form you can download it and use it for anything you wish for. You can also find the improved equivalents and better features on the website when it comes to more complex documents.

Download Simple OCR

5. Boxoft


Boxoft offers huge number of quality paid converters and other software. It has the user friendly interface which lets you work quickly and offers high accuracy and saves much time for you. It is available for free even for the business purposes and it is extremely quick and easy to extract and convert. Paid version of Boxoft is also available and if you purchase the license you will get updates free for life time. You can use the trail version of the paid software and if you don’t like it then you will get your money back with in 30 days.

Download Boxoft

These are list of some best OCR tools. Check all the apps which suits your purpose very well and if you don’t like any of them then you can search for some other OCR tools from internet. For any suggestions and queries you can post your comments in the below comment box.


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