Best Music Management Apps for Windows Phone



If you love to listen music and looking for a smartphone for this purpose then Windows Phones is good fit for you as it run music as an inseparable unit with various apps on the store, whether it be cloud services, music stores and local library management. From Nokia MixRadio Music to Xbox, we have got some best music management apps for Windows Phone.

Xbox has become the biggest attraction of Microsoft now a days, it allows you to Play Game with Xbox Live, listen music and watch videos with Xbox Music. That is I have listed Xbox Music at the top of this list.

Best Music Management Apps for Windows Phone

Xbox Music

Microsoft owns a cloud-based streaming music service for their users with Microsoft Accounts at just $9.99, it is possible to enjoy millions of songs with different genre unlimited number of times when on the go. That is on top of functionality in place to enjoy your own tracks.


One can connect Up to four devices to a single Microsoft Account subscription, which can include a combination of multiple devices – such as : Windows 8 PC, Xbox One console, 2 Windows Phones. Two devices can be removed each month.

You can get Xbox Music on your device from the Windows Phone Store. But make sure that the Xbox Music website for a free 30 day trial to see if this option is for you. Free streaming is available through the web client with ads.

Download XboxMusic

Nokia MixRadio

In Music management Nokia not much far behind, in fact offers unleashed way to manage music online and also it stores more than 100 millions songs to rock on your device but this service is limited to only Lumia devices. It even allows you to create and play your own playlist.


Nokia Lumia Windows Phone users can easily download those songs directly from the app, install and launch the app to enjoy a music created just for them. Utilizing a thumbs up and down system, the curated service adapts to what listeners enjoy. Think of MixRadio as your very own created radio station. The only issue with this service, much like DI.FM, is there is no option to listen to songs again. Look at the features can get if you go for Music+ subscription.

Music+ Features

  • Lyrics for those who enjoy singing along
  • Higher quality streaming and mix downloads
  • Unlimited song skipping
  • Unlimited downloads (free account only allows four at a time

Download Nokia MixRadio


Beem is a popular place for those who enjoy dubstep, trance, dance and general rock music. Beem uses the very popular service called DI.FM allows you to browse millions of songs to play on your device, even it has its official Windows Phone app people like Beem, a third party app more than DI.FM.


Subscription are really very affordable for almost everyone ($7/mo or $60/yr), users can enjoy Digital Imported Premium, opening up even more stations to enjoy, not to mention the absence of ads and higher quality streaming. As noted above, we are great fans of this app and the radio service as a whole. Here’s some other bonus functionality:

  • Bookmark specific tracks
  • Find tracks on Nokia Music & Xbox
  • Live Tile support
  • NFC sharing of tracks between apps

Download Beem

There are apps we have missed on this round-up, but since we’ve limited, it is a tough one to populate. Here are some other first party Windows Phone apps worth downloading: