Best Media Player apps for Windows 8


Windows 8 has finally found a place in the computers of millions of people all over the world. The initial launch of Windows 8 might not have turned many people towards it, but recent modifications have made it get a little better and people have started recommending Windows 8 to their friends and families.

Especially after Windows decided to end support for Windows XP, the security of systems running on the most popular operating system ever was under threat. There have already been some security concerns in government offices and other big organizations who are still using Windows XP in their systems. In this kind of situation, where people have no other choice than to switch their operating systems, millions of them opted for the latest option available and that gave a boost to Windows 8 market in no time.

Windows 8 comes with a lot of new creative options as compared to the previous versions. At first, it was tagged as an operating system for touch displays, but later as the time progressed and people got used to it, Windows 8 is quietly making it to the daily routine work of students, housewives and professionals.

In this article, I am covering some of the best media players apps for Windows 8.

1. Windows Media Player

windows media player app for windows 8

The default app to play media on Windows 8 is windows media player. The app works quiet well to play most of your video files from the local library.

The best thing about Media Player for Windows 8 is that it comes pre loaded with Windows 8 and it supports metro as well as desktop UI. It is free with most of the features and loads very quickly. The configuration settings for audio and video files are better than most of the other third party media players.

However, in the default version, the only problem is that it can not play mkv files, however, if someone is so particular about mkv kind of files, then with the help of some codec file (Klite codec pack) to make it support all the audio and video formats.

2. Xbox Video

xbox video app for windows 8

Xbox video is another app which is included with Windows 8. However, this app works better and includes more things as compared to Media Player. Apart from playing local files, Xbox video app can also play videos from Microsoft’s online library. The app comes with a creative interface, but with limited feature. However, those features are enough for you to use as a local media player.

Just like Media Player, Xbox video also does not support mkv file format, however, there is no such codec package as well which can make you play mkv files. Another issue with Xbox video is the integration of advertisements. Xbox video app only tries to sell the online videos which might be too distracting for most of the users.

However, one good thing about Xbox Video app is that you can play videos with more ease and convenience on tablets.

3. PressPlay Video

pressplay video app for windows 8

PressPlay video is a third party app for Windows 8 which supports audio as well as video playback. One of the best thing about this app is the UI which makes it different then the other traditional media playing apps. On the same screen, you can watch videos as well as you can browse your local library on which video is to be played next.

PressPlay video supports all the video formats. Which gives it an edge over Media Player and Xbox video. There is another great feature, to support subtitles. You can easily watch movies and videos which have been translated from other languages. The another good thing is that this app is free, however, going for the free version will make you see some advertisements, if you want a framework without advertisements, then you will need to pay $4.99.

4. Multimedia 8

multimedia 8 app for windows 8

Multimedia app is another creative app for playing media files in Windows 8. The best thing about Multimedia 8 app is to support playback for 3D videos which is like a dream feature for most of the other apps.

Multimedia 8 app gives you lot more options, support for local subtitle files, support for animations, 3D videos and a lot more of those. You can convert videos into mp4 format as well as you can capture videos from inside the app (If you want to crop some video). The best part is that the app comes with no price tag and it includes no advertisements.

However, just like Media Player, this app also does not support mkv files.

5. Metro Media Player

metro media player app for windows 8

The name itself says a lot about Metro Media Player. This is yet another app to play media files on Windows 8 without much distraction. Metro media player gives a clean interface with less options to play videos in more space.

Unlike other media players, metro media player for windows 8 does not focus much on the library to make it more easy for you, however, it just gives you one option to open a video which makes it better to function without much distraction as well as load. The app supports subtitles, adjustable playback speed, and many more things. If you are someone who does not play mkv files and wants a clean interface, then this app would work the best for you because it does not come with any advertisement.