Best latest Weather Apps for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

By | September 22, 2014


Now the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are both in the stores for Apple lovers to grab, people who have owned this high-end smartphone device will want to get the best out of it for sure. If there is one thing you particularly add with Apple, is the word apps. So here are some of the best apps, here are the list of best latest weather apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Weather apps are essential for everyone these days, any forecast app tells you current weather along with certain predictions about next day or complete weeks weather information that helps you maintaining your daily schedule accordingly. We have done the hard work, testing out dozens of weather apps on iPhone 6, and have found the best weather apps that are both fun to use and functional that has been listed below and are ready to get inside your phone, so just go through the list to get the best one for you.

Best latest Weather Apps for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

■ Dark Sky (Paid Weather App)

Dark Sky is the one of the best paid weather app available for iOS that you can use it on iPhone 6 running iOS 8 as well. It offers a scarily accurate minute-by-minute predictions for precipitation, and pushes alerts as well right to the front of your phone.

Dark Sky app is so correct that, you will get to know exactly when it is going to rain, how hard that rain will be, and even how long it will last. The app also has 24 hour and full-week forecasts, as well as animated maps for precipitation and temperature.

To get this forecast app on your iPhone device need to pay more than a dollar, the app is also available for iPad and iPod.

Download Dark Sky Weather app ($3.99)

■ Yahoo Weather App (Free)

Those who are looking to get free forecast app on your latest iPhone 6 can get Yahoo Weather app  available for free, an award winner app for its design and layout, also called one of the prettiest app has ever built for iOS platform. Yahoo Weather fills advanced data such as wind speed, barometric pressure, and sunrise and sunset times.

By default, the app is connected to Flickr that changes the background of the app according to the weather, location and timings.

Download Yahoo Weather App

■ Today Weather ($1.99)

This is also a paid app that comes with nice UI and offers interactive information about the weather throughout the day. A swipe to the right shows hour-by-hour forecasts, while a swipe left shows weather for the coming week. However, it doesn’t support quick automatic alerts but one in-app purchase option is there to get more accurate alerts using the dark sky database.

Download Today Weather app

■ The Weather Channel app(Free)

The Weather Channel is the first source many people think of when looking for best and accurate weather news, and its iPhone app is unsurprisingly popular. Recently the app goes updated and came with all new design layout with clearer interface. Everything is fine about this app except the ad that will keep appearing to your bottom of the iPhone, also you can’t get rid of it as there s=isn’t any option to buy the premium one.

Download The Weather Channel

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