Best iPad Web Browser for 2017


iPad is undoubtedly the best big screen Tablet device available in the world. Being an Apple product is offers a complete rich user interface to explore the world around you. It has pretty much all the features of an ideal smartphone and hence it is loved by millions of its fanboys around the world. Talking more about the apps, iPad comes with a bunch of pre-installed apps including web browser to surf web world with the Safari web browser. However, you can still make use of other web browsers on your iPad if you don’t like the User Interface of iPad. Here, we have enlisted best iPad Web Browser for 2017.

Since Apple’s iPad has a massive fan following over the globe, the iOS developers are always come up with compatible apps and games which can be run smoothly on both, iPhone and iPad devices. Recently, we have updated the list of best iPhone web browsers where we have listed the most popular web browsers for iPhone. Some of them might offer the same UI, however some of them don’t work well on your big screen, iPad. For that reason, here we have listed the browser which are designed for iPad. So, let’s take a look on to the list of the best web browser for iPad.

Best iPad Web Browser for 2017

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is world’s most popular web browser application designed for all types of technology gadgets who requires a web browser application to surf the web world. Google Chrome is compatible with all types of devices and widely available for all types of devices running on Android and iOS smartphone platforms. Most of the iPad users have switched to this Google Chrome web browser in order to explore the web world. Now, it is the time for you to switch your existing Safari web browser on your iPad.

Google Chrome offers a bunch of extraordinary features to manage your browsing. It offers super faster browsing and downloading speed which you might have never seen on any other web browsers. It syncs with all of your devices with the same Google ID, including bookmarks, history and much more. So, you can keep your data anywhere you go. Google Chrome web browser is available for free and you can download it from the following link for your iPad.

Install Google Chrome on iPad

2. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is much popular over the iOS platform which has thousands of its users who are actively using this browser on their respective iPhone and iPad devices. This Dolphin Browser is one of the most suitable web browser app for iPad and most of the iPad users do use this browser along with their default ones.

Dolphin Browser offers a variety of features to explore the web world well. It offers clean User Interface with decent tabs management to manage different web pages and websites and other bookmarks faster. This web browser has built in shortcuts ability allowing you to add different shortcuts for the URLs which you might need to open on the browser. You can just type F to launch Facebook once you add Facebook as the shortcut. It has better tab management with unique icons and other useful elements making the web surfing more reliable experience. You can get it from the following link.

Install Dolphin Browser on iPad

3. Photon Browser

Photon Browser is a specially designed for the people who like to watch videos and love to play flash related games on their iPad. This browser is specially designed for iPad and compatible with all types of iPad devices. The browser offers full web base experience right on your iPad device which you can get from the default web browser available on your iPad.

Photon Browser works smarter and offers a whole new environment to explore the web without installing additional applications for videos and games that you might want to play online. So, it is a good flash enabled web browser application designed specially for iPad users. Photon Browser is a paid application, so it is not designed for the people who are looking for a free app. You can install this browser on your iPad by following below given link.

Install Photon Browser on iPad

4. Diigo Browser

Diigo Browser is known as iChromy. This browser offers a Chrome like user interface to your iPad device. So, if you are using an iPad and looking for a new web browser on your iPad which offers simple yet an impressive User Interface, then Diigo Browser is here for you. This browser is available for absolutely free and compatible on all types of iPad devices.

This browser supports tabbed browsing allowing users to explore different types of tabs instantly. The browser also offers offline mode, privacy mode and other modes to make the most of web browsing within this browser. The app works exactly like the desktop browser and it even remembers Passwords and other fields just like the original Google Chrome web browser. Since, this Diigo Browser is available for free and offer rich user interface to explore the web world well, you need to check it out first before moving on to the paid web browsers for your iPad. Following link will help you out installing this browser on your iPad.

Install Diigo Browser on iPad

5. Perfect Web Browser

Perfect Web Browser is the perfect web browser application designed for iPad users. If you are looking for a new web browser for your iPad device, this Perfect Web Browser is a perfect solution for you. This browser offers a decent User Interface to explore the web world at ease. This web browser offers faster web browsing with high download speed for various files.

Apart from this, this Perfect Web Browser has a number of additional useful options such as AdBlock, Desktop Rendering, Dropbox, Google Drive, Precision Scrollbar, Auto Refresh, Offline Webpages, Passcode Lock and much more. You can connect this browser to different cloud based services to keep files stored on cloud platform instead of your hard drive. This ultimate iPad web browser has advanced download manager to manage your downloaded files well. Additionally, it has extensive shortcut option to move on to the tabs directly with shortcuts. You don’t have to type in again and again for the same web pages, just use the shortcut and instantly open a desired web page on your iPad. The Perfect Web Browser has a bunch of additional features as well. This browser for iPad is a paid one and not available for free. You can purchase it and can install this browser from the following link now.

Install Perfect Web Browser on iPad

6. Opera Mini Browser

Opera Mini Browser is one of the most popular web browser application which is available for Android and iOS platforms. The browser is widely popular over the globe with millions of its crazy fanboys around the world. If you get bored with the same browser UI, it’s the right time to get a change with this Opera Mini Browser. The browser is compatible with all the generation of iPads. It packs with a number of extraordinary features to surf the web world well on your iPad device.

The Opera Mini Browser has built-in ad-blocker to block down unnecessary advertisements. It also saves your phone’s data and sync all the bookmarks and other data of your phone. The browser has unlimited tabs to view and access all types of webpages. User can use private tabs to browse incognito without any tracing of your IP. Additionally, it offers night mode which lets you read comfortably in the dark. This web browser is available compatible with all types of iPad devices and is available for free. You can install it on a respective iPad from the following official link.

Install Opera Mini Browser on iPad

7. iCab Mobile Web Browser

iCab Mobile is a web browser specially designed for iOS devices. The web browser is compatible on all types of iOS based devices such as iPhone and iPad. If you are looking for a new web browser to surf the web, iCab Mobile Web Browser is one of the best browsers you can use on your iPad as it packs with a number of advanced features with which you can surf the web very well.

iCab Mobile is compatible with Apple Watch so you can navigate, zoom, scroll, open bookmarks remotely without touching your device right from your Apple Watch. It also supports voice assistant so you can launch web pages and websites just by asking to the browser. The best feature of this web browser is it has a number of default web search engines so you can search for anything easily within the home page of the browser. iCab Mobile can easily handle multiple tabs on the browser. Basic filters are also available to block down various unwanted files, links, ads and more. It also supports full screen mode so you can feel like you are on a desktop. It’s advance bookmark manager allows you to import and export different types of links from various devices. iCab Mobile Web Browser is a paid one. Following official link of this browser will help you to know more about it and you can even install it on an iPad from there.

Install iCab Mobile Web Browser on iPad