Best iPad and iPhone apps of the week

By | May 10, 2014

Hello, it’s been a long time since we have done a round-up for the best iPad and iPhone apps of the week, isn’t it? In our current assignment to present to you the most recent and best of the App for your device, we’ve collected some of the apps that have been released this week. This week we have got tons of creative apps for making something to share, let’s be friendly with the apps listed below to show the world how creative you are.

Best iPad and iPhone apps of the week

Adobe Voice App


Last week Adobe launched this app for iPad owners to make creative stories and to share them to the world. Adobe added  great cinematic effects influenced by Adobe’s own product After Effects; you can also add motion blur, shadow, 3D and other effect which are available to this app to your story. Animated themes are also supported, a little bit of visual flair to help draw viewers into the story. Music is also included, so you can add a bit of a soundtrack to your Voice story.

Download – Adobe Voice App(Free)



Noisli is an extraordinary atmosphere noise app available for iPhone that gives you a chance to turn up, down, and blend several kind noise. Whether you simply need something to stay focused on work, or you are trying to get to rest, you can get some fine sound help. To check what are the things available to this app and what you can do with this app head over to the Official website of this app to get the help.

However, this app is not free at all, you need to spent $0.99 which I think is not a big deal for those who love to create innovative things.

Download – Noisli($0.99)



A video editing app that offers filter and fresh editing options shot video clips to share them on Instagram, Vine and on other social networks. You can use as many effects you can use to make videos creative. To add more effects one can get in-app purchase. If you generally used to post videos to Instagram and Vine then this app is really gonna a great tool for your videos.

Download – Cinamatic($1.99)



Litely is basically an app for Photographers enriched with effects and filters. There are 9 presets included with this app and another 36 available through in-app purchases. Of course, even more set of editing tools are available for exposure and sharpness, all within a very finger-friendly decent and clear interface, even you can share those edited photos directly to the Instagram and other places.

Download – Litely(Free)