Best iOS apps to edit PDF files in iPhone and iPad

By | June 30, 2014

There are many number of alternatives to create and edit PDF files in Mac, Windows and Linux running PC’s but when it comes iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices the options appeared very limited I mean there are less applications available to edit the PDF files in the istore. This article gives you the information about the best iOS apps to edit PDF files in iPhone and iPad. we found that few of them are really worth even through you are spending money on them.


PDF Expert

This application runs on the iOS platform which costs around $10, There are many features in this application. user can use this application for iPhone documents, Microsoft office, Microsoft presentations and PDFs. Even to edit the PDF users can use this application. You can copy files via iTunes, iDisk, WiFi, Dropbox, Google Docs, and more.  There is an option to save the attachments of an email directly to the PDF Expert. By using this application you can secure the documents with a unique password. If you are interested click Here to download this application here.

PDF reader PRO

Actually this PDF reader PRO is used to edit, modify and annotate the PDF files in the iPhone and iPad. This application was listed by the Apple under iPhone app for business.  This app PDF reader PRO combines the efficiently features of PDF slicer and brings you the complete experience to editing. Click Here to download this PDF reader PRO application.

PDF Slicer

PDF slicer is an application to edit the contents like text, images, link but all you can do are page based functions. The features of the PDF Slicer are as follows. Click Here to download the PDF Slicer. This application may cost around $5.

  • edit, Crop, copy and paste out of PDF files.
  • Cut or delete entire pages off PDF files.
  • Add and merge pages in PDF files.

Write PDF

Write PDF is a simplified albeit  enormously powerful PDF editing and annotating tool. It can handle a variety of formats too including spreadsheets and comes with a built-in PDF creator. Again, the basic idea is to modify the PDF than edit it in totality. You also get the ability to fill PDF forms which makes signing documents easier with this app.

How to get files:

  • You can edit PDF files, add text on to them, add links etc.
  • Share through email, or other SFTP methods.
  • Support for iCloud, Dropbox lets you sync documents easily.

Good Reader

Good reader is the best solution for the PDF files, But this comes separate version for both iPhone and iPad. This app can be used as PDF editor. You can annotate the PDF files you read on Good Reader. Annotations include sticky text, highlights, lines, arrows, circles, typewritten/hand-drawn notes etc. This application costs around $4.99. Click here to download this application for iphone and ipad.

Documents unlimited office and Office

This application brings you a decent set of editing capabilities, From the official makers of this application is clear that app has hit or miss chance of opening PDF files and editing them successfully. This costs around $3.99 and click here to download this application.