Best Golf Games for Android smartphones

By | July 16, 2014


Golf is a somewhat remarkable game in various ways. Like different games some consider it super important and play for the expertise and adoration of the game, however dissimilar to most games some simply need to transform it into a goofy creation with obstacles and tricks to include considerably more trouble. Golfing video games come in numerous flavors as well, from ones that attempt to reproduce the game with pinpoint exactness, including true expert PGA players and all, to the out and out crazy and wacky including smaller than usual golf and other creative visions of the Scottish sport. Today we’re going to collect all the golf games we could discover on the Play Store and provide for you our 5 most loved ones, realistic or not, all packaged together.

Best Golf Games for Android smartphones

Golf Star


Golf Star is one of the largest of all golf games, and we are not just talking in terms of content or levels.  Players across the world compete for the title of best golfer, and this game’s main highlight is multiplayer mode.  Real-time golfing against 10 other players makes this the biggest multiplayer golf game by far, also there are three different game modes ensure there’s plenty of different ways to compete all the time.

Download Golf Star

King of the Course Golf


It’s a brand new arcade-style golf game developed by EA that still follows in the legacy of PGA Tour games when it comes to having a host of modes, many of real-life courses, and all the pros you want to play as.  The game offers more than 300 levels to complete as well as quick play modes that make it easy to play. If you are searching for great content, amazing graphics and awesome gameplay, this is definitely the place to go at least for once I would say.

Download King of the Course Golf

Golf Championship


As the game name signs, the Golf Championship is full of challenges and eye-catching hole designs that can make you addictive.  Three different game modes are there to change up the pace of the game, and also allows you to customize your avatar with different accessories you can both earn and buy after winning the matches. Touch controls features the game to life, and while there is no multiplayer here at all it is a deep game with so much of stuff to do throughout the play.

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Let’s Golf 3


Let’s Golf 3 is the 3rd in the series that is almost similar the Playstation hit series Hot Shots Golf, and offers cartoon like characters and levels with real golf gameplay. There are 6 different locations in total to play on, ranging from Outer Space to all the way to the Great Wall of China, apart from that, 4-player can play at a time, either online or locally via WiFi or Bluetooth. Characters are fully customizable and can be both dressed how you like and customized with different abilities and set of skills.

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Flick Golf


Flick Golf is part of the popular Flick Sports series, and if you have ever played one of the games of this series you will get the basic idea of this.  The regular Flick Golf offers more realistic, normal golf gameplay with challenges like sand, trees and water to get around.  The other is Flick Golf Extreme, and features much interesting challenges like golfing on an air craft carrier, around Niagara Falls and other zany stages with even interesting obstacles.  Both paid versions are $1.99.

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As of now, these are the best known games for those who love to play golf and has some interest towards this royal game. Download any of the game from the link provided and share the experience with us by commenting below.

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