Best FTP clients for Mac


FTP, File Transfer Protocol is a standard method which is used to transfer the files easily between PC/Mac and server. There lots of FTP clients are available out of those free as well as paid clients are also available. Here we have listed few paid as well as free FTP clients available for Mac.

Best FTP clients for Mac

Top free FTP clients

1. FileZilla : FileZilla is the most popular FTP client available for Linux, Windows and Mac users.Wile less known for the OS X, the Windows counterpart of the client is more famous, owing it very easy to use.




But, still we have found that OS X version to be but difficult than the Windows version. One of the best features of FileZilla is it shows the status, commands and responses from your server. It is great software which is the great software comes for free and runs on OS X 10.5 or higher version.

2. CyberDuck : CyberDuck is voted as one of  the best FTP clients by many of the users and communities, because of the features it offers. It offers some amazing features such as Amazon S3, Amazon cloudfront, Google integration and more. It is available in many languages with the translations offered by world wide users.


It also supports Growl, Quick look and quick remote editing with the text editor of your choice. Connecting to the FTP server and browsing your remote server is very easy and simple to use.

3. FireFTP : It is not a separate FTP client app, but is an extension which integrates directly into Mozilla Firefox browser.



It is most suitable for those who looking for FTP client for occasional download and upload, as the extension which doesn’t really support all these features which other FTP app listed do. So, its ability to run the client directly from inside the Firefox is the huge bonus.

Top paid FTP clients

1. Transmit : Transmit is the popular paid FTP client with a simple and perceptive User Interface. It contains many other different useful options such as standard remote file editing, folder sync options and more. In addition it features droplets for quick drag and drop uploading to favorite locations, Dashboard widget, inline previews and more.


It can also do the sever-to-server transfers from one servers to others. It can also integrates with the OS X finder, letting you to mount the servers like disks. It costs you $34, but you get a proper, full-fledged software for your well-earned money.

2. Fetch : Fetch is the one of the oldest FTP clients available for the Macs and operates using the single pane uploading interface. It feature the simple, clean and easy to use interface and supports FTP and SFTP connections and other secure connections with the Kerberos service.



This app is bug free and gained popularity due to its stability. It also supports automatic file compression on upload which is useful for many users.

3. Yummy FTP : It is another best FTP client for the best price and it is pretty basic in various ways, mainly because of its core features and some other things make this FTP very unique. It features a pretty little cool called DualBrowse which lets for easy synchronized browsing the local and remote directories on your server.



It also features FTP aliases which let you to create aliases of FTP server anywhere in the finder. It costs $14.99 and it runs on the OS X 10.6.6 or higher versions.