Best freelance websites for programmers


Frustrated with the office timings and boss harassment? then working as a freelancer is a better option. Working as a freelancer is more advantageous and probably it is the dream of most of the developers and programmers. You can choose the job which you are interested in and you have flexibility in the timings, and you can choose for whom you want to work and you can work from anywhere you want.

Most of the startup companies who don’t want to hire the regular employees for the project, they look for the freelancers for specific time duration and project. Being a freelancer is good, but however it has got its own disadvantages such as every time you will not have work to do and some time it becomes difficult to find the job.

Here I am listing the some of the best freelance websites for those who want to achieve financial freedom in freelancing. This article not only helpful to those who are looking for job, but also who want to outsource their projects or hire for their company. These listed sites are useful for both the individuals and companies.

1. Freelancer


Freelancer is the most popular freelancing job site and very rare freelancer in the world who doesn’t know about this. Once you want to start with Freelancer, you need to register must either by creating the new account or using the existing Facebook account. Freelancer is the best example to analyze how the freelancing sites work, how the multiple freelancers bid for the projects, how the projects are posted and assigned to the freelancers and also how the freelancer gets the payment by the client on the Freelancer allows the developers to work with total independence.

You need to work hard and earn good reputation, so you can get the good feedback, projects and can increase the hourly rate. is user friendly, easy and simple to use and offers quick navigation. In Freelancer more than 5 million Freelancers bid on the projects and there are thousands of jobs to do by the Freelancers.


Visit Freelancer.Com from here.

2. oDesk


It is the another most popular freelancing job site and the oDesk officials say Official Desk at anywhere about the oDesk. It has the jobs for the beginners to the professionals and has the registered clients and employees form all around the world. Freelancers can find the jobs of various categories like admin to support work, logo design, web design, software development, web development, online marketing and more. It works on win-win approach for both the clients and employers with the meaningful work which makes an asset for both the parties.

If you are the first timer to oDesk, then bid on the projects which better suits you and give large description of you and your previous works and try to bid for the low prices, because as a first timer you need to bid on more number of projects. On oDesk clients can easily find the freelancer form anywhere in the world and also he can find the freelancers near to him.

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3. Elance

elance_logo is also popular freelancing job site and is the competitor to oDesk and It has the huge assessments of job postings for all kind of Freelancers. It contains the jobs on different categories like Data entry, logo design, website design, App development, transcription service, content writing and more. It offers the some great services like payment protection for clients and freelancers, trust and safety programs for clients.

You can define your company name on and it is very easy for the freelancers to search the jobs according to their skills. Thousands of projects will be posted on Elance everyday and there are more than three millions of freelancers will bid on your projects on Elance.

Visit Elance from here.

4. Craiglist


Craiglist is one of the fantastic source for posting the freelance jobs and searching the freelance jobs. The freelancer can select the city and click on the jobs section and you can see the list of jobs that can fit your skills. All types of jobs are posted in it for content writers look in the writing category and for developers look in web/info design. Not only the technical jobs, every kind of jobs are available in Craiglist. It is not the obvious choice for the freelance job finders, but it can find you some extra ordinary jobs online.

Click here for Craiglist.

5. Fiverr


It is an freelancing job site for the small services and is a great and unique idea works on the $5 ratio. A client can find the freelancers for his work and hire that freelancer and pay your just $5 using PayPal. Client can track how the hired freelancer is working and can communicate with him and review his work and give feedback for his work. The idea of $5 is amazing that the clients can hire the gigs for their daily small tasks. The gig can expose his talent by creating some creative things like designing the logo, creating the video, doing SEO for the website, reviewing the website, or advertise some product for $5.

There are so many small tasks will be found on Fiverr and for the Freelancer it is very easy to find the work. This site is best suitable for college graduates.

Visit Fiverr from here.

6. 99 Designs

99designs is the best freelancing job site especially for graphic, animation and web designers. First the client enters and he will set one design package and he will receive so many designs from the freelance  designers and the client will choose one and reward the freelancer with the money. It is the best place for the clients to design their product because there are more than 2.5 million designers in the site, so that they can get the best design for their product.

It is the best for the freelance graphic and web designers also because they can design and sell their designs in the free portal like

Visit 99Designs from here.

7. Peopleperhour


The name itself represents that, “Hire the people on hourly basis”. It is uniquely designed and the great thing in it is payment per hour which is beneficial for both the freelancer and the client. As the payment is based on hourly basis then the freelancer work is calculated in hours and a specific software called Tahometer will calculate this hours. It has some incredible features like you can higher up your ranking by get endorsed through him or help your friend to improve his rank by endorsing him.

You can also earn by inviting your friends like if you invite some one through social networks and if that user sign up and complete a job then $10 will be credited to your account. It has both Android and iOS apps, so that the users can find the work on the go.

Click here to reach peopleperhour.

8. GetAcoder

getacoder is the simple and fast job outsourcing and is the freelance job site for the freelance web designers, programmers and content writers. Clients can post the job to his home country or any other country where the labor is cheap. Clients can post a project for free and will receive the bids within minutes. Thousands of clients select the GetAcoder, as it is cost-effective.

Best site for the startups to save the cost by outsourcing their programming, web designing and content writing jobs to the right persons and get the job done effectively.

Visit GetACoder.

9. Project4hire


This freelancing job site is best for the freelancers looking for programming, web development, graphic designing, content writing, transcription services and more. It offers an array of opportunities to the contracts and charge them a small amount of commission on being awarded a project. It is user friendly and simple to use and is the great platform to post the projects and find the professional and talented programmers and designers.

Click here to go to Project4hire.

10. Rentacoder


Rentacoder is also one of the best job site for freelancers. It looks like a social networking website where a software developer or a web developer can get the plenty of freelance jobs an can earn money. You need to bid for the jobs and give large description regarding your skills and your previous works.

Visit Rentacoder.

Not only these website there are hundreds of freelancing job sites some are limited to few categories, some are limited to the location. There will be the best freelancing job site exclusively for you area. If you are a beginner a s a freelancer then you need to be careful about the scams and first try to bid very less, as you are the beginners you will not get the job easily, you need to bid for more projects.