Best free VPN Service providers


VPN Service is to protect your identity and data no matter where you are connecting to the Internet with one of these VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. While paid services offer you better performance and more advanced features compared to the free ones. But some of the free VPN services are there which provide better performance and bandwidth while connecting to the internet, if you need VPN protection, check out the following listed free VPN service provides. They give you the protection what you need absolutely for free.

best vpn services

Generally we have observed that when people hear VPN, they generally think about work, and how they have to use a VPN client service to just log on and check their access different requisitions or mail. They only think that utilizing VPN keeps your data intact from snoops, eavesdropping on their work-related online activity when connecting to the Internet from the hotels, airport and coffee shop. A VPN service offers a tantamount level of security to your geographical location, hide your IP address and securing your information while on the web.

Using a VPN service, one can log in to Facebook from china and German users would be able to watch videos on YouTube without getting any issues. Downloading and installing on a client computer is as easy as installing a basic software on a computer. In some cases you people need to just enter the server name and password to provide little more security into an existing VPN client. (Both Windows and Mac has built-in VPN clients to the Operating system)

Generally, once after connected to the VPN server you starts experiencing little slow internet speed. You know, free versions of VPN services are better than the pain one in terms of network speed. If you are looking for the best free VPN service provides, let’s have a closer look to the list which I have posted.

Advantages of using VPN service

  • In a business environment, VPNs can be used for telecommuting by allowing employees to “remote in” from home and remain as part of the network.
  • When set up properly, VPNs can be used to access region-blocked web content. The website will see that your connection is coming from the VPN’s location instead of your own, but the VPN will forward the data to you.
  • VPNs can be used by gamers to simulate a local area network over the public Internet.
  • Users can redirect their Internet traffic through VPNs, which provides an added layer of privacy and anonymity. It is similar to the concept of proxy networks, but VPNs offer many more features than simple web proxies do.

Best free VPN Service providers

HotSpot Shield (Free)

Hot spotshield

HotSpot Shield is an popular tool known for providing VPN service and comes with great metrics that helps users not to get much difficulties while using this. The only bad thing about this services is its ads, if you are using free version of it then it may annoy with the random ads on the app window. It is good at enhancing your Internet protection and privacy against malware, without much affecting the internet speed.

Easily available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. [Download Link]



CyberGhost is also a popular name if we talk about free VPN services. It has both paid and free version available to chose from, free version of this service offers approximately 1950 GB of monthly traffic and bandwidth speed at around 1 Mbps. One great highlight about this VPN is its wide coverage,they have more than 200 servers spread across 19 countries.

CyberGhost is only available for Windows users, as of now mac users cannot use this service. [Download Link]


Pure VPN

Pure VPN has attracted many clients because of its very friendly software tool to use the VPN service at an affordable price. Pure VPN is also available for free but you won’t get much features compared to the paid one. According to the reviews which I got about this seems this is very handy VPN tool for Gamers and Downloaders. It also records your track which portal you are visiting while using the VPN but deletes those data every 5 days.

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, [Download Link]

Private Internet Access


Overall, Private Internet Access is a highly recommended VPN service for torrent downloaders. Let’s try and let us know how you like the transfer speeds and ease of setup. Private Internet Access is a very fast service that will cloak your identity and data transferring. If you want this to go for paid version you need to pay $7/month or $40/year, which I think it is an affordable VPN service available to go through.

Available for Windows and Mac user. [Official Download Link]

Don’t forget to comment about the listed VPN services, also tell us what VPN you picked among those.