Best Free video editing software for Mac


Similar to Photo editing  tools video editing software are also available in the market for Mac, Buying the software are very expensive. If you are  already out of pocket from purchasing a rather expensive Mac then you’ll likely want some financial relief in the form of free software. This article is providing Best free video editing software for Mac.


Avidemux is also an another free video editor designed for cutting the videos, filtering and encoding tasks. It supports many file types which includes AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs. Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities.


This video editor software is available for many platforms like Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows under the GNU GPL license. The program was written from scratch by Mean, but code from other people and projects has been used as well. If you are facing any problems the official website is welcoming your bugs if it is genuine. Download Now.


This software is also available for many platforms which includes Mac OS X, GNU/ Linux, FreeBSD and Open BSD. It’s free 3D graphics Software, I can say this is the one of the best free video editor for Mac. This application is used for modeling, rigging, texturing, UV unwrapping, skinning, animating, rending, water and smoke simulations, particle and other simulations, non linear editing composting and creating interactive 3D applications, animated film, video games or other visual effects.


Blender has lots of advanced features like powerful character animation tools, modifier-based modeling tools, a node-based material and compositing system, Python for embedded scripting and so on

ZS4 Video editor


This is also one of the free video editor application similar to the Blender and Avidemux. This runs on Mac platform and provides the media experts with a facility to combine a variety of media types into one or more output files. This free video editor software also be used as a object oriented Photo Manipulation Program with Timeline Things can be manipulated in Photo workshop where as program can be manipulated in ZS4 vidoe editor. This application also available in different platforms like Windows, iOS as well as Android. If you are interested you can Download Here.

Jahshaka (CineFX)

This is also a free video editor application and previously this software Jahshaka was called as CineFX, this application includes editor, effects and composite engine and this applications runs on Mac, Windows and Linux. Even through it takes more time  between version 2 and version 3, the effects in this application are better then Adobe effects.


Still this free video editor software has lot of things to do enhancement, but its nice to see truly Open Source software competitive to the Adobe. Hopefully we can see the enhancements of this application soon by the developers. We can Download this application here.

Video Lan Movie Creator 

Video Lan Movie creator is a free software which is used in the early stages of development, I am not sure whether now this software are using by the users or not, the thing is Video Lan Movie Creator is the non linear editing software for all the video creation based on libVLC. This software runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and distributed under the terms of GPL V2. If you are interested about this application Download Here.