Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows

By | June 16, 2014
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We all like movies – no doubt about it – but not everyone wants to go through the hefty task of editing their own recorded film. It is often a complex process, one that can be time-consuming chores and tedious work, not to mention a costly budget. But, simple and light video editing can achieve on the cheap or even for free if you are interested in part with powerful, light-weight software like Windows Movie Maker or EzVid Video Maker in favor of a more simple program. Let’s try to get easy with these softwares, you are probably not going to be making Spielberg-like films, but your YouTube uploads and home movies can take on a whole new shine with a few straightforward tools available around you to work with ease.

Video Editor

There are a number of video editing software packages available for Windows without any price tag. However, most of these free softwares do not have the same level of quality, features and tools that you would expect to find from available commercial software. After reviewing many video editing software, I surprisingly came across to some outstanding free video editing software available out there that can almost perform like a professional version.

Pick the best one according to your video after reading the complete review of the softwares listed below:

Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows

Windows Movie maker


Windows Movie Maker is an easy-to-manage video editor software of making fresh videos without all the complex features and options like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro (Pro softwares for Video editing professionals). The software allows you to merge video, audio and images using a drag-and-drop method, and it offers all the major functions we now come to demand from any basic software of this kind. Adding effects and themes are a breeze, as is also allows you to trim the bad or worst part of the video clip, it also offers a quick feature to share edited video directly to the sites like YouTube and Facebook.

The only drawback of this tool is its limited file format, but a normal media player or video converter can solve the issue within minutes or also you can install Video codec pack too. Additionally, the high-definition webcam capture and full-screen preview are also a positive point, this software runs great on both the Windows 7 and Windows 8 based PC. Windows Movie Maker surely won’t floor you with its capacities, yet it does offer enough free motivators to keep the beginner, video editor fulfilled without the budgetary trouble of the previously stated heavy-duty programs.

Download Windows Movie Maker

Ezvid Free Video Editor


Ezvid allows you to capture desktop screen with just “one-click” of a button and has a speech synthesis option called the “text-to-speech” (TTS) system that transforms the normal text into a computer language with audio file where no other free video editing software has provided this feature ever before. It is also able to speed/slow, split a video, duplicate projects, and saves projects. There are tons of cool things you can do with this free video editing software. You can treat this as an all-in-one video editing software which is easy to use and above all, it’s 100% FREE for Windows users.

Moreover, the Ezvid supports all Windows platforms – including XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.  It can make an image slideshow or video in less than 3 minutes, even there is no need to register this to download and use. You do not have to purchase any codec to install the software.

Download Ezvid



Videospin is a free video manager focused around Studio that offers almost similar features of EZVID. It has immediate transfers to YouTube, simple to utilize, drag-n-drop feature, however, like any possible software, it has some strict limitations and loads of bugs have been accounted for. It doesn’t help Windows 7 yet, which again making a huge advantage for EZVID. It additionally requires one to purchase a codec pack to upgrade to a more current variant.

What’s been irritating is that the app will open your browser to an advertisement for an update if you click on the ‘More Transitions‘ from a drop-down menu and crashes each time the workstation is in a standby mode. Also, it doesn’t include many advanced features other free video editing software.

Download VideoSpin



Another free video editing software for Windows users with incredibly great features and easy to use interface. Basically the LightWorks offering a solid set of both free and premium features that we simply cannot ignore. Features include video capture,  GPU-accelerated real-time effects, professional-level color correction, and nearly an all-possible video format support, as well as your common tools for trimming, importing, and seamlessly weaving video and audio together with a few mouse clicks.

Download LightWorks

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor

However, the VSDC Free Video Editor is not as fast but is reliable, also it comes with bundled video-editing hodgepodge of features which I guess is sufficient for quick editing and conversion. The interface appears looks quite outdated, but it is clean enough to understand the features and tools on the go, sporting a minimalist design and a simple navigation, The software handles many traditional file formats – from AVI to MP4 – and manages audio and video effects with ease.

Download VSDC Free Editor

As of now these are the well known free software for Video Editing, if these are not up to your reach or out of the features, then you can drop a comment below with the requirement you want with these kind of tools, surely I will search and try to get back to you soon.