Best Free Photo editing software for Mac


If you are unable to bear the paid versions of the Photo editing Software, there are many Free Photo editing software for Mac which are alternative to the paid versions. Some of this software is developed by individuals and some is feature limited or an earlier version of a more advanced program. This article provides you the best Free photo editing software for Mac.



GIMP is a most popular photo editing tool, well-known photo manipulation that has been ported to the Mac operating system environment. This Tool is free and easily you can install. Gimp for Mac is a relatively unique tool. It can be used as a paint program, or as a photo retouching tool, or as an image composition and manipulation program. It is hard to categorize Gimp for Mac except to say you’ll probably want it if you do a lot of work with images. Download Now

GIMP for mac


  • We can extend the features of this tool by using plug ins and scripts, lots of plug ins are available in GIMP plug in registry.
  • Frequently updated and bugs will be fixed.
  • Supports pressure- and tilt-sensitive graphics tablets and many other hardware input devices.
  • It supports all the formats.

The Feature development of this software can be slow Some highly requested features have been “in the works” for years. And also there is no quality assurance team and its up to users to fix bugs as it is free of cost. This tool also lacks quality of elegance in the workflow.


This is the photo viewing and editing tool for Mac that provides many of the same tools as iPhoto, but in a separate interface that was often faster in our tests than the native app. While not as feature rich or as integrated with OS X as Apple’s native photo viewer, PhotoScape X offers a suite of tools that makes photo viewing much easier.


The performance here is fantastic, though, and while additional features like social integration are missing, the app is a very solid replacement for your native photo viewing app.

PhotoScape X is a free app that works very well to replace iPhoto or any other photo viewing apps you are currently using. It’s fast, responsive, and has added tools like GIF creation that help it stand out against the competition; and with no upgrade fee needed down the line, it’s a very good app that could make itself at home on any newer Macs. You can Download this free Tool here.


Picasa is software developed by Google to mange digital images. A real benchmark in its field, it includes all the tools you need to manage your photo collections. This tool also has has ability to import photos to your PC, as well as to organize, edit and share with loved ones on Google platforms like Picasa web and Google+. Download Here.

picasa for Mac


  • You can share edited directly to the Google+ circles.
  • Upload picasa tags on Google+
  • New photo editing effects.
  • side by side editing of Google.


PhotoPad is the tool for Mac OS which is used for Mac OS X. Retouch photos quickly and easily and edit and apply effects to photos and other images. Crop, rotate, resize and add effects like sepia tones, greyscale and red eye reduction as well as adjusting the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and more.

photopad for Mac

This is the tool supports all types of  formats which includes GIF, JPG, PSD, BMP and many more. The preview effects before applying. Easily delete any applied effect without removing other effects. There is a possibility to add Photo pad to your right click for easy access.

Photo Plus

Photo Plus for Mac is an ideal choice for all Mac users who expect better photo viewing experience and want to edit photos while browsing. Lets have a look at features of this Photo Plus software.

PhotoPlus  for Mac


Features :

  • You can browse and display thousands of photos quickly and easily.
  • Drag/drop any photo into Photo+ to display all photos in the same folder automatically.
  • There are built in fundamental tools which includes crop, Rotate, Zoom and delete.
  • Retina display supports embracing vibrant and sharp details.
  • You can able to share the edited photos with your friends on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter, as well as Tumblr, iPhoto and Email.
  • There is a convent to take print while photo viewing.