Best File manager Apps for Android

By | June 27, 2014

Some phones comes with basic file manager or you may think to use better file manager, Start searching in your Android device Google play store you will find many number of File manager. The file manager is used to organize the files present in the Android as well as in the SD card. It’s easy to get whelmed when taking a look at all those options.

There are many file manager with many kind of interfaces and different kinds layout and functionaries out here, so at least one file manager is bound to suit your needs and preferences. Most of the file managers have the functionality ability to view the deleted files. Most of these will play well with the cloud storage options as well. This post brings you the best file manager apps for android.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer a double-paneled display to browse files. When in landscape mode, both panels are visible. In portrait mode, one panel is visible at a time (although you can switch between them by swiping to the left or to the right). It’s pretty easy to drag and drop files into a directory. Hold the file over a folder and the folder will open. Then you can just drop it in! After tapping icons to select files and holding down for a bit, you can choose what to do with it. It makes for easy file management. This file manager is available free only for 14 days after that you need to pay few bucks to continue. Click Here to download the Solid Explorer.

ES File Explorer File Manager

ES also allows you to choose what to do with your apps after you press down on them for a little bit. You can copy folders to different destinations, delete, rename, share them, etc.

It also serves as a Cache cleaner with that task manager module and ES, we can also monitor the RAM usage in on screen widget and kills task with one click. If you are interested to download  Click Here.

Explorer and Root Explorer


Explorer is a free and more basic version of root Explorer. Additionally, Explorer won’t let your device go to sleep if you’re in the middle of something that will take its sweet time. Although Explorer is the lowest-rated app on Google Play mentioned here with a 4.2, its bigger brother takes things to the next level.

Root Explorer is made by the fast software  it allows users deeper into Android with Root Explorer, Root can access their device data’s folder, firewall and bloatware this is one of the easiest way to accessing. Download Explorer by clicking Here and Root Explorer by clicking Here. The Root Explorer will cost about 3 t0 4 dollars where as Explorer will be free.

X-plorer File Manager


X-plorer is file manager which is a Dual Panelled File manager with basic features like ability to share files, View files and built in files in the file manager and also has the option to select multiple files at once. Click Here to Download this X-plorer File Manager. This File Manager is free of cost.


Most of the action on AirDroid happens on a Internet Browser. The interface is pictured above. It works via Wi-Fi, no cables necessary. I have my phone and computer working together on a LAN connection. Actually through browser you can do quite bit rather than Sms and text only you can view the files, preview downloaded themes and also you can manage the files in the file manager. Even you can transfer the files from Android to the Computer.

There is some functionality within the app itself (on the Android device). You can delete, copy, and share files on the app (no connection with your computer required). Click Here to Download the AirDroid.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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