Best Feature apps for iOS 8


Here in this article we are providing best feature apps for iOS 8, where you can pick up this type of applications from Apple Store or else any third party application. You can find the List of best feature applications below.

Health in the palm of your Hand

Health Kit is the one of the new feature that might be incredibly to people as it can be able to give you all the information from various devices. At present if you have a different health apps or devices, then the data they collect sits in its own silo. Where as this application provides the particular information with user permission.

Snappy ways to chat

Messages gets major updates where it is possible to add and remove contacts in group messaging, leave a conversation, and set up a do-not-disturb mode. Users can also go to an attachment view to browse through the photos and videos within a conversation, and you can send voice messages as well as videos messages.


Family Sharing

In this application you can set up to six devices to share things like Photos, calenders, remainders, books, music etc  and All the devices can be billed to the same registered credit card, and if you’ve flagged users as kids, they can’t buy anything without the person, whose card is registered, getting a notification.


Goodbye Google

Every where Google is the default search Engine, but Apple is doing what it can to help us find alternatives. Bing now powers the search function in both OS X and iOS 8. Before this Bing had replaced Google as search engine for provider of siri.Perhaps more interesting is the addition of a private search option for Safari, integrating DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo is a privacy focused search engine, which has been gaining prominence as a sort of anti-Google, as it does not track users or sell data to advertisers. Its audience is still very small, but native integration in iOS might change that.


Hey Siri 

Siri and Google Now get compared pretty frequently, but this time, the comparison might be more reasonable. Apple has announced several new features for Siri, including an always-on, voice activated mode, that lets you use it by saying, Hey Siri  now includes more language support, but perhaps more interesting is that you can now use it to buy iTunes content.