Best eCommerce software to build online store

By | June 11, 2014

eCommerce is currently booming sector in emerging economies like India. Starting the eCommerce requires the well built and user friendly website. For this you can design the website on your own or hire a web designer and you can outsource the web designing part. There are some eCommerce software to build your own online store. Choosing the best eCommerce software to build online store is always tricky and a confusion task.

If you are planning to start the eCommerce business and thinking of creating the own online start then this article will definitely help you in choosing the best eCommerce software for building the own online store.

Generally, the eCommerce website builder gives you the complete eCommerce package and the package includes the technical aspects and support. So, you can easily create your own eCommerce online store and start selling the products. In the previous article I have explained how to start the online store.

These eCommerce building software hides all the code and create a simple user interface for you, so that you can create the website very quickly and easily. You can use the drag an drop technology to insert the content. After creating upload the products you want to sell and connect your site to payment gateway and start selling.

The drawback with this eCommerce software builders are they are not flexible and you can’t modify them as your own. This is useful for those who want to setup the business quickly and they don’t want to take the risk of programming.

Here I am listing some of the best eCommerce software building platforms.

1. Shopify


Shopify is currently leading eCommerce software builder in the market. It is currently powering more than 1,00,000 active online stores. Shopify is user friendly and help you to save the time and so that you can focus on other aspects of the business. It simplifies the challenges of building an online store and allows the drag and drop technology and makes the life easier. If you are serious about your business then shopify is the best option.

  • It features beautiful and professional themes which makes your store look great.
  • More number of apps and plugins to add to your store and makes the store to extend the functionality for your business.
  • Provides 24 x 7 customer support.

You can try the 14 day trial by clicking here.

2. Bigcommerce


It is another popular and reliable eCommerce software building application that lets you build your online store easily and quickly. It helps you from without tangled up with the technology.It is currently powering more than 50,000 online stores.

  • It contains the comprehensive set of out of box eCommerce site building tools which helps you to build your store easily.
  • It has the option that you can add more advanced tools through their app store just like Shopify and adds more functionality to your site.
  • It helps to grow your product sales as it leverages on different social channels.

It is the competitor to Shopify and one of the best eCommerce site building software in the market.

You can try Bigcommerce free trail for 15 days from here.

3. Squarespace commerce


Squarespace Commerce is another eCommerce site building software which helps the users to create the beautiful and image rich websites. The templates they offer are very attractive and polished. Everything regarding the design is fine, but the main drawback with this is their eCommerce tools are under rated. In addition to creating the beautiful and attractive online store it allows you to have the complete control over the product variants, upload unlimited products, manage your inventory, coupon generation, sell the digital or physical products.

It also configures the sales taxes, shipping options and costs, helps you to manage your customer email list. It also posses other tools helps you in building the comprehensive online store. If you want to build the simple site then Squarespace commerce is enough.

Click here to try Squarespace Commerce for free.

4. Weebly eCommerce


Weebly is the other eCommerce building software which is more user friendly. You can build the site very quickly with the Weebly because it uses the drag and drop technology. It’s eCommerce features are more comprehensive and helps you to create the online store very quickly.

You will get to insert the multiple products with the multiple variations of the same product and the shopping cart is integrated and you customers never leave your site to ensure a fluid and and consistent shopping experience. It provides the integration with the payment gateway providers such as Paypal, and Stripe.

Although doesn’t have the tools as comprehensive as Shopify and bigcommerce, it is enough to build the successful online store. It is very user friendly and and the learning curve to hoe to work with their tools is relatively low.

Click here to try Weebly for free.





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