Best Digital Cameras under $500

By | May 29, 2014

Digital Camera With in this Price range, You can buy entry level Digital single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Camera, Mirror less interchangeable Camera and Advanced performance point and Zoom or super Zoom. There are some of the best cameras posted below with a price tag less than $500.

Nikon D3200 with 18-55 mm lens ($496)


Nikon D3200 is the one of the top budget Digital single Lens Reflex camera on the market and excellent at under price tag of $500. This devices sports 24.5 megapixel image sensor camera which is equivalent to the expensive camera Nikon D5200 For this device you wont get the features like in camera HDR and flip out screen for movies but all are considered it is a terrific camera unthinkable in this price range. The Features of this camera is as follows.

Sony NEX-3N with 18-55 mm Lens ($398)

Sony NEX-3N

Sony NEX-3N with 18-55 Lens is a entry level mirror less interchangeable camera and also names as worlds lightest and smallest camera with good features where this comes with a large APS-C sensor and Sony 16-50mm power zoom lens. One shortcoming at this price point is that the autofocus on the NEX-3N is less advanced than other mirror less.

  • Megapixel    : 16.1
  • Sensor size   : 366 sq mm
  • Weight            : 13.06 0z

Canon Power shot G16 ($348)


Canon power shot G16 is one of the best performance point and shoot in the market the lens of this camera is very much impressive with an aperture f/1.8. The features of the camera includes in camera HDR, Full HD 1080p movie capability and panarama modes and more.

  • Megapixel    : 12.1
  • Sensor size   : 41 sq mm
  • Weight            : 12.4 oz
  • Zoom              : 5x

Panasonic LUMIX LX7 ($289)

Panasonic LUMIX LX7

Panasonic LUMIX LX7 is favorite among the photography enthusiasts and great among the price tag less than $300, This camera is the best low light performance for any point and shoot camera with the aperture f/1.4. The features of this camera includes the Full 1080 HD movie capability, in-camera HDR ans also manula handy aperture ring in addition Lx7 shoots Fast.

  • Megapixel    : 10.1
  • Sensor size   : 41 sq mm
  • Weight            : 10.5 ounces