Best custom T-Shirt design online stores in India


Among all the products bought online, T-Shirts are the most appealing product for youth. There are so many online stores where you can design your T-Shirts on your own and order them online. So, you can design your T-Shirts with custom designs, quotes, your name and what ever you want. Here I am listing some of the best custom T-Shirt design online stores in India.



Inkfruit is the leading online store in India where you can design your T-shirts and submit them for voting and a community or a group will vote them. It was launched Fingerprints Fashion in December 2007 and it is headquartered in Mumbai. The community on the Inkfruit design the T-Shirts and are submitted for voting and voted on the scale 1 to 5. The design which gets the more number of votes then that design is selected to print and the designer will paid a winning amount.

On signup you will get 50 credit points and every T-shirt design you submit will earn 5 credit points and if you upload a photo wearing the Inkfruit T-shirt you will get 20 points. Every such point you earned is equal to 1 INR. You can select the T-Shirt design by the form of voting but complete custom printing is not possible.

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pringoo_com is the another custom T-shirt designing online site. It is attempting to break into the almost crowded t-shirt designing market place by selling user friendly. They offer freedom to the sellers to set their commission percentage rather than restricting them to the particular figure and also allows the users to setup their online store using one of the available templates. Customers can design their T-shirts by uploading their photographs are using the images in the Pringoo clipart and gallery and they also add any quotes to the design.

Unlike the other eCommerce stores Pringoo is allowing the sellers to set their own percentage commission. But, Pringoo sets the base price and the market price is calculated as Base price+seller’s price.

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It is the new player into the eCommerce segment and it is mainly focus on funny design and humor quotes. In this the customer can print the custom T-shirts, but doesn’t have an editor option to design yourself. They are now offering huge promotional offers and are trying to penetrate into the market. The users made some complaints regarding the shipment deliveries, quality and more. Still they are trying to put a mark on the T-Shirts business. All kinds of T-Shirts are available including round necks, polo T-shirts, sweat shirts and more. T-shirts are available for ladies and kids also.

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4. FunkTees


FunkTees is the another new player in the online T-shirt business and based in Haryana and they has in house design and manufacturing unit. They are trying to compete with the Myntra and Inkfruit by offering the better design and quality. In addition to the online store they are trying to venture into the offline space with the exclusive outlets. Still they need to penetrate into the market and need to increase the traffic to their site.

Apart form this they are offering good delivery service, quality of the product and the customer support. You can try and see once here.

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PicSquare is the Bangalore based photo printing startup. It is the part of the most popular eCommerce player In PicSquare you can print any of your photographs on T-Shirts, calendars, Calendars, Coffee cups, mugs and more. It provides all the features which the above sites offer in the affordable prices with the delivery service all over India.  Delay in the shipment delivery and loss of the shipments are the most common complaints from the customers.

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It is the another most popular custom t-shirts site. In addition to t-shirts you can customize other things like inner wear, aprons, pillow and bed covers and more. Click on the create tab in the site and you can see the merchandise that you can customize. You can design your t-shirts with different effects like Vintage, Broken glass, Scratchy and more. You can upload your own photographs upto 7 MB size and it supports almost all the image formats. It takes three to seven days to deliver the product.

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7. T-Shirt loot

The main thing that attracts toward T-Shirt loot is it supports Indian languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Gujarati etc,. it features transliteration, means you type in English and it shows in the regional language you selected. It doesn’t have the user friendly design and the custom fonts are not available for all languages and that too the fonts are available less in number. You can upload your own photographs and images of the formats GIF, BMP, JPG and PNG.

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