Best custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5 all versions

By | June 6, 2014
ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5

ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 recently came into the market. Having the latest Android KitKat version 4.4.2 operating system this mobile phone out-of-the-box is really a great in its specs point of view. The smartphone not only has the top-notch specs and hardware but it also has many new innovative features installed in it. The handset itself has many exciting features and if it is used with a custom ROM could make the experience even better. Frankly speaking, there only few custom ROMs are available for this device as of now, I have listed some custom ROMs for Galaxy S5 released in the market and users are liking it as well.

If you have rooted your Galaxy S5 and want to customize it by installing the custom ROM on it then here you will get that for sure. As I told there are only few ROMs available for your device so scroll down to see the features of listed 3 best custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5.

Best custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5 all versions

1. Omega v1.3 for Galaxy S5

Omega-ROM Galaxy S5

This Omega ROM is based on Android 4.4.2 stock  firmware that that offers many new features and customization options to play with your phone. The custom ROM is developed by third-party and helps in managing and optimizing the handset in the way user want to. Here are the features you are about to get with this ROM:

Features of Omega v1.3

  • The ROM is light-weight and all the unwanted app are removed to save the internal memory and so reduce the RAM usage for faster performance of device.
  • Many performance tweaks are added in this custom ROM to provide high performance and the battery life is also improved.
  • The custom ROM is stable with all necessary bug fixes in it. Custom ROM is official firmware based and so the users need not to worry about the bugs and stability error after installing it on the device.
  • It includes many advanced utilities in it like the Busybox and the Aroma installer with full wipe features in it.

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2. Alliance ROM for Galaxy S5


Alliance ROM is a latest customized ROM developed especially for Samsung Galaxy S5 and includes all the necessary features like other custom ROMs for this smartphone. It also supports the OTA updates which is the best features according to me. For more important features of this custom ROM scroll down:

Features Alliance ROM

  • UI Restart App included
  • Choose WiFi, Signal, Status bar icons and notification colors
  • Enabled scheduled messaging
  • Toggle for unstable WiFi connection and many more.
  • Choose Toggle ON/OFF colors
  • Enabled save restore messages
  • Enable group conversation messages
  • Show/Hide many system options

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3. Echoe ROM for Galaxy S5

The Echoe ROM for Galaxy S5 is based on the official Android firmware and offers full customization control over the device. The custom ROM is fast and stable including many performance and optimization tweaks in it to enhance the performance of your system. Look at the additional features of Echoe ROM:

Features of Echoe ROM

  • Complete Phone DPI control
  • 1% Battery Mod
  • Echoe kitchen for the OTA updates, tweaks and apps
  • Enabled call button in contacts
  • Extended speed dial entries to 100
  • Extended 4-way power menu
  • Exit menu in stock web browser
  • Added custom colors in calendar
  • Enabled Quadview Prerooted and Zipaligned
  • Deodexed
  • Keyboard with symbols for all the languages
  • Added shutter sound menu for camera

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